The Importance of Learning Failure as a Child

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in this world!  It is a job with moments of ups and downs…successes and failures…happy and sad times.. but most important it is a job that is full of reward.  Rewards so great that the work involved is pennies in return for millions if done well.  Mistakes are inevitable in a job where you are always learning. The key is to always continue learning. 

The hardest part of parenting is watching a child fail!  As any parent will tell you, it hurts to watch your child hurt…and..lets face it ..failure hurts.  Although, sometimes failure is necessary so that a child can have a chance to learn important skills for life.  Skills such as coping, admitting failure, recovery, pushing toward a goal even if it seems impossible. 

Children need to fail to understand that life is not all about them!  Failure also helps them learn that life is not always is full of mistakes.  One of the easiest ways to teach a child about failure is allowing them to face “natural consequences”.  Things such as, running when they should be walking.. and one falls and scraps his knee..instead of running to them and consoling them.. point out that if they were obeying the rules they would of not fallen and gotten hurt.  Always tell them..this is a natural consequence.  Help a child understand that when you do something negative then bad things naturally follow.

Failure is also healthy for a child to learn so they can understand that they can not always please everyone.  For example, a child may have a teacher that is really strict and require standards that one child may never be able to meet.  Instead of “resucing” the child by approaching the teacher, point out to the child that he just needs to do his best and realize that there are areas that they need to improve. 

Life is full of failure.  If a child is shielded from failure it will give them an unhealthy view of what things should be and could leave them feeling discontent and depressed.  It also creates a view that everyone is out to get them because they will always think they are correct. A parent that loves there child will correct them for they know to be successful in life we must always be learning and growing.