The Importance of Grandparents in your Childrens Lives

The potential impact of grandparents’ influence on the life of a child cannot be underestimated. The presence of grandparents can be a pillar of strength and love to children in a world where so much is uncertain. Though there are far too many positive and diverse aspects of the bond that can develop between a child and grandparent to be examined in a single article, there are a few common, key areas of influence that may benefit a child as a result of this relationship.

Imparting Wisdom:
Having already raised children of their own and experienced much of what life has to offer, grandparents often have a vast store of knowledge about how the world works, and wisdom in the best way to live in it. They have weathered the most difficult parts of what it means to be human: disappointment, failure, change, death, sorrow, pain—and they have survived. And in many cases, they have discovered the beautiful things, the things that really matter, that everyone should hold on to, such as hope, and love. Because of this, there is so much that grandparents can teach children. It is easier to learn from the mistakes of others than to make those mistakes yourself. And when you do make mistakes, having someone to take you by the hand and walk you through it is a gift that can never be bought.

New Perspectives:
Like parents, grandparents tend to have the child’s best interest at heart. Unlike parents, however, the distance created by the generational gap, in addition to the aforementioned wisdom acquired by a lifetime of experience, often gives grandparent’s a more objective, less emotionally-skewed view of what is most beneficial for the child in question. For instance, a parent’s desire for the safety of their children may cause them to be overly strict and protective, while a grandparent is usually more lenient, allowing the child to explore and discover things on their own. And as the child grows, having access to this kind of advice from a trusted adult can be invaluable.     

Extra Dosage of Love and Encouragement:
When it comes down to it, children can never have too much love and encouragement. Having more people in their lives to nurture and unconditionally love them them simply adds to their psychological well-being. And grandparents can provide that, adding emotional stability to the world of a child as he or she learns and grows and lives.  

Of course, these influences that have been described are the ideal. Grandparents, like all human beings, are flawed. They will make mistakes, mistakes that may hurt the child. But when a grandparent truly loves their grandchild, allowing them to spend time together is worth the risk. For, like all relationships that are founded upon love, the benefits of children developing a relationship with their grandparents far outweigh any road-bumps they may encounter allow the way.