The Differences between having a Gift and being truly Gifted

There is a great difference between “having a gift” and “being truly gifted”. Almost everyone has a gift but there is only a low population of truly gifted people. The difference can be found in the talent someone possesses.

Having a gift means you have capacities to reach good results in school, a certain sport, playing music, writing books or any other activity. Having a gift doesn’t mean you have a certain talent but you can do something exceptional. Many people have the gift of learning languages, mathematics but only a few are gifted. Having the gift of learning languages means you can learn it faster than the average person.

Many people have also the gift of practicing a certain sport, for example playing tennis, football or an individual sport like running, swimming and many others. These people can reach good performances in their sport but it is exceptional they are gifted. One person can have several gifts, for example someone can be good in school and reach good results in many courses but if this person is also gifted he will never be gifted in every course he takes.

Being truly gifted is totally different than having a gift. A gifted person has the ability to performance something exceptional. Being gifted includes 3 basic characteristics which can described in an above average general ability, an exceptional high-level of creativity or a high-level to achieve in certain areas.

Someone who is truly be gifted doesn’t know this always immediately. Sometimes it can take years before knowing he or she is truly gifted. A teacher can discover a child is gifted but it probably will take some years before he really knows that child is gifted but it is important for his/her education in the future.

The world of gifted people is smaller than these of having gifts. Einstein was a gifted person, he had difficulties with grammar in school but he was gifted because his performances in physics and mathematics. Mozart is also a good example of a gifted person. He was only a child when he wrote already his first symphony.

A gifted person can have difficulties on school but talents in playing music, football or everything you can imagine. Being gifted doesn’t mean you are perfect and even if you are gifted you have to use your talents for increasing your performances.

There are still some myths about “be gifted”. There is a myth saying that gifted children are smart in everything. This is absolutely not true; often they are smart in only one thing. It is perfect possible they have difficulties in learning languages, mathematics but they are perfect in playing an instrument. Another myth is that gifted children always feel superior to other children.

However, life looks wonderful if you are truly gifted; there arise also many problems. Some children have problems in getting and keeping friends. The expectations of gifted children and adults are often high and life can be stressful. The consequence is often they can’t realize their goals.

The difference between having a gift and being truly gifted is in fact quite simple. Having a gift means you can reach good results but being gifted is the ability to do something exceptional, for example winning four golden medals at the Olympic Games or writing a classical symphony on the age of 8 years like Mozart did.

Having a gift is beautiful but being gifted is most exceptional.