The Differences between having a Gift and being truly Gifted

Having a gift is wonderful. Do you remember seeing children in school that could naturally draw detailed pictures with seemingly little effort. Their hand can take a pencil and draw delicate detail but what makes them different from other kids ? They are not educated differently, they have similar backgrounds and yet they excel. That is gifted rather than clever, when a person finds that they can do something naturally better than others. It really does make a difference, and although that child may get more praise, do they merit it ? Treating all kids the same regardless of gift is very difficult though necessary in order that the child recognizes the difference between being clever and being gifted.

Developing the gift.

I was born with the gift of poetry writing. I find it natural and have done, winning prizes since the age of 9, but had I not developed that gift, then it would be as worthless as a Christmas present discarded after the first day.

Development means using the gift, and learning to do it the very best that you can. In my case, I have always written verse for other people. It could be something simple like a birthday, or something profound like a death, but it was given to me to use for the benefit of others, and the development stages of being gifted is learning how to use the gift.

Saying thank you for the gift.

In our daily lives, we take saying thank you for granted in all areas of our lives. Someone is nice to us, we say thank you. Someone does something to please us, and again we thank them, but how does the gifted child say their thanks for the gift they were born with ? The best thank you that you can give for the gift you were born with is to use it, to make it worthy of having been given it. In my case, which really is a very simple example, using that gift to make people happy helps me to develop as a person, and any child with a gift that learns giving will find in themselves the real difference between being gifted and perhaps not doing anything with that gift, or being truly gifted, and appreciating what they were given by using it to make the world a better place.

That’s what sets them apart and what distinguishes the person who has a gift and one who is truly gifted.