The Dangers of Leaving your Child alone in the Car

Children of any age should not be left alone in the car at any time. I have heard far too many shocking stories to know that this is an article all parents should read. We read the papers or have seen the news regarding child accidents that occur, we shake our heads and believe this can never happen to us. But these things can and do happen to people. People just like you and me.

On a warm day of leaving your car in the sun, have you ever noticed how hot it quickly becomes? You’ll quickly duck out to the shop and be back in less than 15 minutes and the car is stifling. People should never leave children of any age in a hot car. It can very easily and quickly lead to head stroke and death, within minutes.

Children can be easily forgotten at times. One parent believes the other has bought them inside, you just need to dart in to the shop quickly, your attention has been diverted from what you were doing.

You must also be aware of those wily toddlers, they can slip out quickly and easily un-noticed by their parents. They may climb back into the car when you may believe they’re in the yard playing.


Name me a child who doe snot like playing with gadgets in the car or pretending to drive. The car is just another play toy to children, one filled with lights and sounds.

A child playing in the car could accidentally knock the vehicle out of gear, causing the vehicle to roll and move out of driveway. There are plenty of scenarios that could happen if this occurs.

Be aware of seat belts, children can easily get them caught around their necks and choke.

Be aware of electric windows. Your child may stick their head through an electric window and get it caught when the window goes up. A not so drastic scenario would be fingers and hand getting caught in windows.


There have been a few cases in the news of late of children being in the car when a car thief steals the vehicle. They are unaware a child is in the back, possibly left sleeping while a parent is paying for petrol in a service station.

We also need to be aware of kidnapped children. You never know who is watching you and your children. You only need to turn your back for a short time and upon return, find your children gone.


*Never leave a child in the car. Take them with you at all times.

*When your car has been emptied of children, always lock the vehicle and place your keys high so children cannot take them.

*Use your child safety locks on the car. Children cannot open the door themselves as it must be opened from the outside.

Please be aware of all these things that can and do happen to parents. Never assume that things like this don’t happen to people like you, because they certainly do.