The Challenges Faced by a Mother

Months ago you decided on a quality daycare facility. Now that your maternity leave has flown by, you need to return to work. Here is a useful tip to help make the challenge of transitioning easier for you.

Give Yourself Time

Unless you were miraculously lucky, chances are your infant is not on a predictable schedule yet. One of your main challenges will be to find a balance between the hours you have to be at work and the hours that you want to be with your baby. If it is an option for you, ease back into work. Although you may have had six short weeks of maternity leave, you left to become a mother and were forever changed by the experience. After the first six weeks you will probably feel like you are just barely beginning to figure things out. If it is an option for you, return part-time for a few weeks and gradually build-up back to full-time.

In the first hectic weeks of caring for a newborn and going back to work sleep deprived, time can easily start to feel like it is your worst enemy or like there is simply never enough of it. As impossible as it might seem, relax and give yourself time. Give yourself time to worry about your baby at daycare, to be upset that your little one is away from you, to be frustrated that the house is not as clean as you want it to be, to be angry that the baby’s father is not helping as much as you think he should, to be exasperated that everyone keeps dropping by to help, and time to sit down in private and have a well-deserved cry.

Try to set aside at least 15-30 minutes every day just for you. You need time to think about and really process how you are feeling. Work needs you. The baby needs you. Your spouse or significant other needs you. The house needs you. Needs, needs, needs. You could easily drown in all these needs. Then there’s the fact that the most greatly overlooked, yet most important need of all is that YOU need “you.”

Having a baby is a major life change. This change can bring with it some major feelings along with a sense of disconnectedness, or limbo, where a woman struggles to reconnect with or possibly redefine the woman she was before giving birth in comparison to the woman she is now as a mother. This is not necessarily an identity crisis, but more of an identity reevaluation. As a mother, your priorities change. The changes might be subtle or the changes might be drastic. The changes do affect you and for that reason, you need to give yourself time to think about how you are different and how you are the same.

Despite the changes, it is important to acknowledge that you are a wonderful mother. Even if you make a few mistakes along the way, you have plenty of time to figure out the rest!