The Challenges Faced by a Mother

Just another day in December, I am on my way to pick up my oldest son from after school care with my youngest son who is 2.5 months old in his car seat in the back seat. Just like after every other school day I pull up to the child care center I get my baby out the car and go inside. As I am walking up the side walk I am thinking to my self “ok after I pick him up we have got to go to Wal-Mart and then run home to cook, eat, do homework, take a bath, and go to bed”. Will I wish!
I walk into the daycare center and one of the works looks at me and he turns white as a ghost. I looked at him kind-of funny and put the baby down so I can sign big brother out. Then I hear the words “Your son did not get on the bus today after school” the only thing that came out of my mouth was “WHY?!” Then another worker comes up and says “You son is not hear, he did not get on the bus”. It felt as if my heart had just fell out of me, I went into a panic started calling everyone in my cell phone yelling “WHERE IS MY SON?!” I called my mom telling her what had happened on my to the car, I get half way to my car and noticed I did not have my baby. I hung up the phone and ran back into the day to see that one of the workers was running after me to bring me my baby.
I load my baby up and jump in the car; I remember nothing of the drive home. I don’t remember the 1st red light, stop sign, car or any of it. Next thing I know I am home yelling as loud as I can for my son.
As I walk around my car to get my baby out, I see someone comes towards me and that is when my life turned to hell.
Nothing could have ever prepared me for the news of what happened. And no one could every to make me understand how much this would effect both of my sons life, my life and everyone in my family. I wanted to scream, yell, hit, kill, and just brake down all at the same time. Even though what happened was out of my control but just knowing I could not protect him at that time made me feel less then a mother, I less then a human.
My son was had been violated and had been hurt for hours for hours had past from the time he had got there. When my son had told me what happened in front of this person “if you want call it that” IT just laugh and said what an imagination he has and IT waved IT’S hand walk back inside IT’S home.
So I got my son home and inside where it was safe and began to ask him what happened. My son “who as so brave, strong and smart” began to poor his heart out and tell me word for word what happened. As I held back my tears stayed calm I then told my son, “who I see now is not a boy, he is strong young man” that we needed to call the cops and to the hospital. He said, “OK, just one second” and went to his room and got his gameboy and games and said, “I am ready” with his games in hand. And I once was remembered he was just a child.
The cops came and we went to the hospital and little boy once again, acted like a young man and told his story without missing a beat. Then after hours and hours there we were able to go home and see baby brother who was at home with their Nanna safe and sound in his bed a sleep. But the event was not over. First thing in the morning I get call asking to come to the courthouse so we can give a statement and once again my young man stood up and told everything. So the cops go to arrest this THING that is called a human and IT tells all. Only because my hero told everything like he should have, so there were no question to it being a false story.
So may this THING sit in jail for life, I am sure IT wont because just like all rats, it up and ran on the first chance IT got. But your day will come and God is the one who will make you pay, it will be much worse then I could ever do to you. It make take time, but I will pick up the broken pieces you left, and I will make sure my child will live a happy life, and just to let you know how great kids are. My child has already forgiven you; he has said his prayers and hopes that you will saved by God. But as for me, I forgive as well buy I will forget and I will never and I will make sure this will never happen again by you to anyone else.