The best Brands of Baby Pacifier

You are preparing every detail down to perfection. The baby is coming or the baby has just arrived. What is the purpose of a pacifier and how do you choose the best ones? Pacifiers are normally used to soothe a child as they are in transitioning stages of their life or when teething. Many parents find that giving a child a pacifier after an oral medicine for teething helps the child if they are unable to hold a teething toy for long periods of time, this being due to it being frozen and cold to the touch.

When choosing a pacifier you need to consider where you will be when the child is in need of it. Pacifier clips are great inventions! You can not give a child a pacifier back once it has hit the floor. Using a clip will insure that it stays within the child’s reach. You still at this point know what  pacifier does and how to keep it close to your child. You still are not sure which ones to buy or register for? Go to the consumer! When choosing products you will want to know what others think. Reading consumer ratings is much more valuable than being coerced by the television and magazine advertisements. You may be enticed to get the cutest pacifier or the most expensive. When it comes down to it what is bought the most and rated the highest will get you farther in your search.

One of the highest rated pacifiers at local mass merchandisers is the pacimals pacifier. It comes with a stuffed animal attatched to it. Making it easy for a child to cuddle at the same time as use in their mouth. They cost about $18-$20 at stores like Target. They offer a pig, monkey, and duck. They  have been boasted to be light weight and sit nicely on the child while the child is resting in sit or lay down positions.

Another great brand is the Nuk company. They offer a variety of pacifiers from orthodontic, temperature taking, and teething. They range in price of $5-$20 for packs of two to eight. They even have age ranges on all of their packaging.

As funny as it seems though, the highest rated pacifiers right now are an off brand name that have designs on them that say cute things. Does your baby have a thing for princess tiaras or skulls? How about placing a pacifier in their mouth that says “Mute Button” or “Daddy’s Girl”. These two pack sets are about $10 at local mass merchandisers and the parents are raving about them! The only downfall I have come to see is that they are a little bigger than some other brands of pacifiers but they are pleasing to the eye and others will get a cute chuckle out of them.

When choosing the right pacifier don’t make it about brand. Make it about quality. What is going to hold up, be used, and is within your price range. You can easily tell right away if the nipple is too hard or soft when you pull it out of the package. Your child will also let you know if they approve or not. Silence= great pick! Throwing it across the room= try again!