The Advantages of using Reusable Diapers

When deciding on choosing between disposable and reusable diapers parents can feel flummoxed. Unfortunately many parents opt for disposable diapers in the belief that they are easier and more convenient to use. Many consider reusable diapers to be more time consuming and complicated. However, have you ever considered the benefits of using reusable diapers? There are many advantages to consider which could sway you into choosing the more natural method of diapering.

What are the advantages of using reusable diapers?

• Save money

One very good reason to opt for reusable diapers is the money that can be saved. Imagine how many diapers an infant gets through in an average day, and think of the staggering number of diapers that are purchased each year. The cost can be ghastly when you think about it this way. Diapers are expensive, and often need to be replenished. Reusable diapers are far more cost effective, as a bunch will last a considerable amount of time and even go on to be used for subsequent children. This is a great way to save money which is essential, as the cost of raising a child is hair-raising.

• Save the environment

Take a moment to think how many diapers are sent to landfill just from one child. It is staggering to consider how many diapers are sent to landfill each and every day. Unfortunately, that is where they will stay, as they take forever to decompose and many will just languish there. This is damaging for the environment. Creating excessive amounts of waste greatly increases the amount of trash that sees its way to landfill. Over half of a family’s weekly waste is diapers. Reusable diapers can be used time and time again, which greatly saves on waste.

• Kinder to skin

Reusable diapers are free from chemicals and nastiness, and are created from natural fibers. This can only be better for an infant’s delicate skin. Disposable diapers are heavy with chemicals to wick away moisture; however, these chemicals can cause skin irritation. Cloth diapers are much softer and kinder to the skin. They are not as bulky, and fit more comfortably as they conform to baby’s body. The soft material is more comfortable for baby, and it causes less friction. The comfort factor alone is worth considering. A comfortable baby is a happy baby.

• Easy to use

Many go straight for disposables with little consideration for reusable diapers, in the belief that they are easier to use. However, times have changed, and now reusable diapers are just as easy to use, if not, more so. You certainly won’t get that problem of a diaper ripping part way through diapering baby. They conform perfectly to little bottoms, and are held together using the same methods of disposables. Many reusable’s’ have Velcro tabs or poppers, and come in many funky, colorful designs. It is amazing just how far along the reusable diaper has come.

These many benefits are the reason why more families should opt for disposable diapers. The change will be one for the better, and one that helps save money and the environment. Your baby will also thank you for choosing a softer option that is kinder to her delicate skin. Take time to look at the different reusable diapers and be amazed at how modern, funky and easy they are to use. Once you use reusable’s you will never consider using disposables again. Do your bit for the environment and opt for reusable diapers.