Texas Basketball Camps

The Lone Star state has an abundance of basketball camps available, from premiere leagues to church gym hang-outs. Texas sports three successful NBA franchises, offering plenty of hometown inspiration for young players to seek further training in their skills. There are a few Texan basketball camps that are especially noteworthy.


Advantage Basketball Camps

Although Advantage has many camps nationwide, they hold three near the Metroplex area, and deserve special recognition for their top-notch quality standards.

Honing their techniques for over 20 years, their founder was interviewed by Tom Brokaw in consideration of their success. With an emphasis on ball-handling skills and individual attention, Advantage is a high-end year-round camp with day sessions from 2-6 days in length. What sets Advantage apart is their utilization of muscle memory in their drills. Once a player has gained muscle memory for the moves they learn, they leave camp with new, tangible confidence in their ability to defy defenders and become more of an asset to their team.

Don Eddy Basketball

Boasting an endorsement from Phil Jackson, among others, Don Eddy is the go-to solution for those seeking a quality basketball camp with Christian values.

Featuring a summer camp for ages 8-18, options for both day and overnight programs are available. Highlights of their program include mandatory daily 5-on-5 play, inspirational messages incorporated into programming time, and “skill level tournaments” for free throws, 1-on-1 play, and field goals. Don Eddy Basketball is a sharp camp for those seeking a spiritual element to their play.

Austin Basketball Camp

For those nearer to the capital of Austin, rather than the larger metropolis areas, Austin Basketball Camp may be the answer.

Although it is a smaller, modest operation, Austin has two day camp sessions available for players aged 6-14. Merits of their unique offering include fast-paced programming designed to make the most of every moment, a servicing snack bar, and coaching from district Coach of the Year winners. The primary selling point, though, may be the cost: At just $125 to register a camper for a full session, Austin Basketball Camp is the economical alternative.


While each of the aforementioned camps may be the cream of the basketball crop, Texas has an abundance of other avenues to pursue as well. An excellent, extensive listing can be found at http://www.chooseacamp.com/activities/basketball/texas.html. With all these complexes available, Texas basketball camp is just one close opportunity away!