Ten Things Grandparents should Teach their Grandchildren

One of the most important things a person can do in life is to have a positive impact on the future. Grandparents are given this opportunity not just once but twice. They have been blessed to raise their own children and instill important values in them. Now if they are blessed, they have been given another chance to touch the future. Grandparents can do this by teaching their grandchildren the following things:

1.) Respect for themselves and others: Respect for one’s self and others is one of the keys to a successful life. Little girls especially need to be taught to respect themselves and to value their femininity. Grandparents can best teach children respect by modeling the behavior that is appropriate and explaining to them what they are doing and why.

2.) Importance of Ancestry: Teaching children who they are and where they come from is important. Grandparents are a wealth of knowledge about the past. They should share family history with their grandchildren to ensure that they don’t forget their roots. They can do this by sitting down with them and going over the family photo album. They can also design family trees or even make quilts with the name of each ancestor on it. They could do something as simple as fill out a family tree and place it in a safe place or just have story-telling time. Which every way they decide to it doesn’t matter. What matters is sharing family history with the future generation.

3.) Money management: Learning how to manage money is very important.  This is another skill that grandparents can pass on. Budgeting can be a boring topic, so grandparents can invent fun ways to demonstrate how to manage their allowance.

4.) Importance of Education: Because young people have so much more than their parents and grandparents, they don’t realize the need for a good education.  They did not live through the times when students had to walk for miles to school or sit in cold classrooms. Young people now ride school buses, or they are transported by their parents to school. They don’t have to read out of old hand-me down books because the government now allots a certain amount of money for school supplies each year. Grandparents can share their educational experiences with their grandchildren.  They can stress how important it is to get a good education by using their own lives as an example. 

5.) Love of God: Children should be taught at an early age about God. They should be taught to trust their conscience and that when something feels wrong, it probably is.  If possible, they can take them to church.  Here again, grandparents can be role models for their grandchildren by showing them what loving God entitles.

6.) Priorities: Keeping one’s priorities in order is a lesson that can benefit adults as well as children. Grandparents need to frequently talk to future generations about which things are important and which things are not. 

7.) Tolerance: Grandparents need to emphasize the importance of tolerance to their grandchildren. They should teach them not to judge others because of their race, religion, nationality, or ethnical background. Grandparents can explain that diversity is a natural part of life.

8.) Humor: Learning to see the humor in life is another important lesson that grandparents can teach their grands. Not only is laughing fun, but it is also good for one’s health.  It can help decrease stress and anxiety.  Both of which can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

9.) Importance of Attitude: The old saying, “Your attitude determines your altitude” is true.  This principle can’t be emphasized enough.  Grandparents can discuss attitude with their grandchildren.  They can model the type of behavior that is representative of a good attitude. 

10.) Inner strength:  Not everything will go as planned.  At one point or another, one is faced with difficult decisions.  Sometimes the choices that are made can be devastating. Despite the struggle, a person has to be able to reach within themselves and find the strength to go on.  This can be a hard lesson to teach, but grandparents are blessed with a little thing called experience.  They can discuss the choices that they made with their grandchildren.  They can explain how they learned to look within themselves and found the strength to survive. 

In conclusion, grandparents have been blessed with an invaluable opportunity to touch the future.  They can give their grandchildren love, support, stability, and acceptance. They can also share important values and life lessons with their grandchildren.