Teens Views which is better Blending in or Standing out – Stand Out

When the youth in today’s society hear the words standing out, they begin to think of being the outcast different from the rest of their peers which is not a bad thing at all. In fact some of the most important things in a teen’s life come to light when they stand out. Standing out is just a way to expose yourself more, and be comfortable doing it it allows your peers and others to see who you really are. If you live your life blending in or following in other’s footsteps you might not be able to maintain a happy lifestyle.

Teens today are highly encouraged by what is called peer pressure. They are pressured into participating in activities in which their closet peers are engaged in. If they do not take part in the action, they will be picked on and labeled as an outsider. Many teens today begin picking up negative habits due to the pressure they face today. The influences on youth today are getting worse, and its destroying the morals of the children who are influenced by gang banging, bullying, smoking, drinking, partying. All of these things are negative factors picked up by teens trying to blend in.

Standing out amongst a society of negative behavior within teens is a highly respectable quality. Teens should not feel pity for themselves because they are not engaging in the things everyone else is doing. Being yourself and standing out shows, who you really are and not who you pretend to be in order to maintain a reputation. The greatest reputation a teen can uphold is being themselves, not being the one trying to be cool or keep up with the latest fad whether positive or negative. Even though being like everyone else and doing what they are doing may seem cool its not, you become part of a band wagon that changes each year.

I remember a time when I used to want to be like everyone else, I wanted to be one of the cool kids. I used to want all the nice clothes and new shoes, but I never had the funds to pay for them I would maybe get a new pair of shoes every 3 months or so. In order for me to be like the cool kids I would lie to my mother tell her we had projects and things due and I needed money, but I would take the money and go buy the things I wanted instead. i had to do one of the worst things, lie to my mother just to be able to blend in so i wasn’t standing out from the rest. Is standing out really such a bad thing to where you have to lie to your parents in order for you to be like everyone else, I don’t think so.

Today the youth have even greater influences on you then I did when I wanted to be like everyone else. Not only are they influenced by their peers but also by some of their biggest idols, celebrities. When teens watch television and see the celebs with all the money, jewelry, and cars they take interest in these things and began to long for them, because they want to be like the people they see. The are tricked into thinking that those type of lifestyles is where they want to be, but in all reality it’s not because half are living behind someone else’s dreams.

The point I am really trying to make is, today’s youth have so many important priorities that they should be focused on, instead of trying to be like everyone is in the world. There is nothing wrong with being different, for example Dr. Martin Luther King he was different during the time when blacks were kept silent he took a stand for his rights and everyone else’s too. Also when you stand out you maintain your individuality, you upkeep your unique character, instead of trying to be like all the rest you should be having people trying to be like you. If people see that you stand out amongst them, sure they may push you away but they will see a quality in you that later may turn into what teens today call a fad.