Teens Views what i wish my Mother could Understand

Teenagers these days really wish there was things that there parents could understand. Especially when it comes to teenage girls talking to there mothers about the important things.

No matter how hard we try sometimes our mothers just don’t understand why we don’t tell them things or if we do tell them, they just don’t understand why these things are so important to us. For instance, if we tell them how worried we are about how someone is treating one of our friends they get all anti-bully, which I can guess is good while this is happening but sometimes they don’t know how to let it go. For instance at school once one of my friends wasn’t being extremely nice to one of my other friends and I told mum and she was really supportive and was trying to assist me in trying to clear things up about it, but even though this problem ended last year sometime, my mum still thinks my friend, the one that wasn’t being very nice, is a horrible person and doesn’t think I should still hang out with her. I tried to explain this to mum but she just doesn’t understand.

Another instance is that our mothers just don’t understand is when our little brother or sister is in our room and they talk their heads off, we usually ask them to please be quiet at least five times but eventually it just get so annoying that we yell at them, and of course that is when our mothers walk in to the room. As usual they tell us off, never the younger one, always the older one. Honestly, why is it that our mothers only ever hear us, they never hear our younger siblings. The other thing that really bugs me is that when ever our mum’s walk into the room our younger sibling runs up to her bawling their eyes out, which just makes everything that much more worse, so instead of the punishment they were going to give us they give us double the amount! We can always try to explain but they never believe us no matter what we tell them.

A lot of the time, when we try to help them understand what is going on in our heads, they just think that we’re too young. They always reckon we’re too young to have a boyfriend even if we’re sixteen. They believe we have to be mature and sophisticated in order to have a serious relationship with a boy, and then when you do have a boyfriend it is worse, they try to give you pointers! They do, they actually try to tell you how to treat him and what you should expect from them and then if they don’t give you a present every day they reckon he isn’t romantic. Honestly, it can be very frustrating especially when they try to keep hooking you up with your brother’s best mate!

Mothers pretend to understand, they really do, but sometimes they just don’t get it.