Teens Standing out or Blending in – Stand Out

Blending in or Standing Out as a teen, that is a good question. I think that blending in may be a safe choice, but then who wants to be like everyone else. And what crowd do you blend in with? My daughter chooses to stand out from the way she does her hair to clothes that I would not have been allowed to wear, because of holes in the jeans, or shirts that are faded and worn. But I heard something from a friend, that made a lot of sense. God made each one of us different for a reason.

When I was a child, I tried to blend in as much as possible. I didn’t want any special attention. I was quite shy and a loner and I liked it that way. I think sometimes children who stand out, whether it be the clothes they wear, the way they style their hair or the attitude they carry, it makes them unique. Sometimes the uniqueness can cause them problems, and other times just the opposite.

I used to try to get my daughter to wear clothes that I thought were her style, and I realized all alone that they were what I would have chosen for her, if I had the choice. But as a parent, we have to teach our children to stand up for what they believe in, even if their beliefs are not the same as our own and teenagers should be allowed to stand out, as long as they don’t hurt other people in the process of their choices. Now is the time for them to make poor choices, every now and then, because that’s how they learn. That’s how we all learn. Teenagers today have many more pressures than most of faced when we were that age, and if they choose to stand out, does it really matter, as long as it is in a good way.
Wouldn’t you rather your teen wear clothing that is loud and different, than be doing drugs, or drinking with their friends?

As for me, my daughter stands out because she doesn’t dress to please other’s or fit in, she wears what she likes and as long as it is appropriate for her age and not too revealing, than that shows me she is ready to make some decisions on her own. I may not like it, I may be screaming inside, ‘you’re not going out in public like that’, but we all have our own styles.
She stands out because of her outspoken manner and her opinions, but that shows me that she can handle herself and she won’t follow just because she wants to fit in whatever crowd. All of us as parents, must trust our teens at some point, our children of any age; trust that we have done a good job in teaching them life skills, morals and values that will carry them through life and when they are teased because they stand out, we must let them know that there will always be people in this world, that will tease and taunt them, for various reasons, but that they must ultimately be happy with themselves and love the person they are.

I think standing out is better as long as you remember to respect authority and adults. Respect yourself and have a little fun. Try not to take life too seriously, because before you know it, you will be responsible for so much more than you ever imagined. Don’t be in a rush to grow up or fit in with the “crowd”. This is something I have told my children for a long time and I think it fits this article as well as life “Doing what’s right is not always popular and doing what’s popular is not always right, but if you BELIEVE in something, STAND up for your beliefs, even if you must stand alone.”