Teens Redecorating

To inject a fresh theme of decorative ideas, try using teens’ ideas. They have a whole lot of creative and classical imaginations brewing in their heads, and I must say, their redecorating is sometimes so amazing that an adult would think why he or she did not come across that idea in the first place.

You just have to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to have an inspiration. Whenever a selected family gets to be show cast as the next family home to be redecorated, did you happen to see the children’s/teens’ bedrooms? How the rooms are so beautifully decorated, fun themes or organized depending on their interests and needs as described to the designers in the show. Compared to the parents’ rooms, I am always looking forward to looking at the teens’ rooms, as they are the ones that give the descriptions as to the type of redecoration that they wanted.

And sometimes, there are teens doing redecorating in a particular show, I can’t remember the name of it, though. They are involved from the initial process of redecorating up to the finished product. To name a creative redecorating idea would be, for instance, drawers been redecorated into skateboards, so you could just pull the skateboard and you could store your things. How amazing is that? And some teens have redecorating ideas like painting the walls the color of a tree, and spray painting it to potray a real big tree with large trunk and nice branches, and in the middle of it, a round fairy-tale like bed. All I’ve seen on TV. And those are sometimes not the ideas of the designers, they follow the basic needs of the teens when it comes to redecorating, and most of the time, the results are amazing.

I’ve also been involved in a fund-raising program for the needy, in which I was involved last time, as a teen, to go to some of the poor people’s houses and help them to redecorate their small flats/apartments. We call ourselves volunteers, and we helped the poor to clean/dust their flats/apartments, redecorate their homes by spray painting, wall painting, putting wallpapers and the likes and a whole lot more. Teens ideas are fresh as it could be, and very innocent, almost child-like. Maybe that’s due to the fact that teens are at a stage whereby they are entering an adult stage, and all these creative ideas just come rushing without numbering.