Teenagers and Respect

There really isn’t enough respect for others in the world today. Respect is something that is hard to teach, therefore, children and teenagers just aren’t getting it. I feel that you need to give respect in order to get it. A lot of parents don’t take the time to listen to their teenagers and don’t show them the respect they deserve, so the teenagers don’t give any respect back to their parents. Respect needs to start in the home. If you don’t respect the rights and feelings of those that live with you how can you respect someone you don’t know? People in general need to slow down and actually listen to others and try to see things from their perspective, rather than just sailing through life with a “me, me, me” attitude.

Teenagers do learn from watching their parents. We sometimes don’t like to think how we act influences them, but it really does. If we show others respect teenagers will pick up on the behavior. When we interact with store clerks, waiters, teachers or even other drivers we need to show respect. If our teenagers see us shouting at other drivers or putting store employees down if we are unhappy with something, chances are that is how your teenager will treat those people too. If we model our behavior by how we want our children and teenagers to act it would be a much nicer place to live.

It isn’t always easy to show respect to teenagers today, especially when they are rolling their eyes while texting their friends to say how "lame" we are. Respect in this country didn’t disappear overnight, and it won’t reappear overnight either. It is a slow work in progress. I believe teachers play a big role in the respect department too. Teachers can be a big influence in our children’s lives. If the teachers attitudes are poor towards our teenagers, it gives them a bad self image. Teenagers sometimes don’t feel any self worth because of how they are treated, therefore, they don’t feel the need to treat others with respect. I also feel that part of the problem is age related. Face it, it is tough to be a teenager. Respect and manners can be taught even though it isn’t easy, so the values are in us. They might disappear for a few years and then resurface when we become adults. That isn’t to say it is okay for teenagers to act up or not respect the views of others. We need to keep re-enforcing the issue of respect with our teenagers. I feel that setting a good example will sink in, and before you know it, your teenager will be speaking to you with the respect you deserve.