Teen Views Things to do with Parents

Today’s teens need to spend more quality time with their parents. The teen years are admittedly the most volatile period in a child’s life. And who better to influence them than their parents? This is the time that can be well spent in bonding with parents. There are so many wonderful things teens and their parents can do together- – – creating a host of cherished memories to last a lifetime! 

 Most teens do accept the fact that parents form the backbone of every home. But somehow, they fail to understand their mindset and views, which to a teenager may seem outdated. It is of critical importance that teens believe that their parents have their best interests at heart.  When teens adopt this attitude, they’ll find it easier to enjoy doing things with their parents. 

Research studies indicate that most teens not only love and respect their parents, but want nothing better than to genuinely please them. Most teens have no problem allowing their parents to help, inspire and motivate them; but they do have a problem when their parents push too hard, when they tend to be in total control of their lives and when they refuse to respect their right to independence.

Teenagers go through one of the most difficult periods in life; on one hand, they want to maintain a close rapport with their peer group while on the other side of the spectrum, they also want to have close ties with their parents. Teens, who have been brought up with sound moral principles and family values, would seldom push their parents away; instead, they would be naturally inclined to do things with their parents.

Here are some fruitful things teens can do with parents:

~ Spend fun times together at home

Boredom can be the teen’s greatest enemy. Sharing family activities together like playing indoor games like Monopoly, Chess can be a fun-time experience. Teens could also indulge in other stimulating and interesting things depending on their interests and talents; some may take to music or painting; while others would want to exercise together. Creating interesting art and science projects together or just spending time browsing through the family albums or simply watching the birds and the bees!

As Dorothy Parker wisely suggests, “The best way to keep our teens at home is to create a pleasant atmosphere in the home and let the air out of the tires” The essence in doing things with one’s parents is not in the outcome but more so in building a bond with one’s parents.

~ Explore opportunities outside the home

Passive activities like watching the television do not reinforce all the values. Teens can do so much better by indulging in a host of outdoor activities like hiking, biking, swimming, playing a game of tennis -doing anything at all can be an exhilarating experience both for parents and their teens. Nature is the best educator of all-the joys of camping together in the wilderness or in the parks can be mutually enriching both for the parents and their teens; many valuable skills can be imbibed amidst nature. Sharing God’s bounty can also teach teens to be appreciative and thankful for all the wonderful gifts which one tends to take for granted.

Teens could also socialize together with their parents-joining a club or a gym, or organizing a social get-together or picnics along with their friends and families; this could help parents to come closer to their teen’s friends. Also visits to the zoos, aquarium, exhibits, fairs, movies or celebrating important events like birthdays and anniversaries together could help to knit a closer bond with one’s parents and other siblings.

~ Lend a helping hand in the household chores

Teens are the part and parcel of any home; they freely make use of all the amenities which a home provides. Hence it is their bounden duty to help their parents in all the household chores.

Chores teach children important life skills which could be very helpful in their adult years. Helping parents in the household chores is one of the finest ways of letting parents know that you as a teen want to do things alongside them, that you genuinely care for them and want to help them in sharing the responsibility of running a home.

To begin with, teens need to be responsible for keeping their rooms clean; they cannot expect anyone else to do that for them. Teens also need to show interest in all aspects of running a household. They should readily help out not only in cleaning, laundry and gardening, but also carry on other chores like grocery shopping, chopping vegetables, preparing breakfast and meals, helping younger siblings with their homework. Following this trend, demonstrates courtesy and thoughtfulness towards one’s parents; it shows that you do not take things for granted and appreciate all that your parents do for you.


It is undoubtedly parents who can help teens to develop into good, worthy and contributing adults. With time and interest, effort and commitment, they can truly do wonders for their teens! The least that teenagers can do would be to make time for their parents and do all the fun things together with them. Would it then not turn out to be be a mutually rewarding and joyous experience for both – – parents and their teen?  

Fellow teenagers: Do take time to think about it!


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