Teen Sex

Alarming Sex Trends Among Teens Today

Sex trends among teenagers have always been concerning. It is not uncommon to hear about unplanned teen pregnancies no matter the area you live in or the financial status of the family. With the teen years comes the changing of hormones. Hormones which are very difficult to control. Peer pressure makes it even more difficult perhaps, especially for the female teenager.


It is not hard to understand why male teens have certain sexual urges. The changes going on in their bodies can sometimes change or even control their thinking. They feel the need to satisfy their urges and that usually means having some type of sexual satisfaction with a female of the same or close to the same age.

Understanding Sex:

Sometimes parents are embarrassed to discuss sex with their children. This is very dangerous. Even if the parent is willing, quite often it is the teen who is uncomfortable having the discussion with his parents. Without the important discussion about sex the teenager is left to figure things out on his own or believe what he learns from television, the Internet and his friends.

Peer Pressure:

If their friends are doing it, it must be okay, right? Wrong. The teenage years are difficult to begin with. Trying to fit in and be popular is difficult. Most young people start dating in their teenager years and feel the pressure about having sex before they might be ready. Today, some young girls feel it is safer to perform oral sex on their boyfriends because they can’t get pregnant. It is even more common for them to be participating in anal sex for the same reason. What they don’t realize is that they might not be at risk for getting pregnant but they are very much at risk for transmitting sexually transmitted diseases. These diseases can prove to be deadly.  As a parent, it is up to you to educate them.  Unprotected sex is unprotected sex, no matter what kind of sex they are having.

The World Wide Web:

Unlike previous generations, the children of today can make one mistake in their teen years that will live on forever…literally.  If a teen exposes herself because she might have had too much to drink at a party and someone at the party takes a picture of her, that picture can reach everyone the teen with the phone’s address list within seconds.  If it is posted on a social network it can go all over the world within minutes and she can never get it erased.  With cell phones, teens send all sorts of pictures of themselves via their cell phone.  They can have inappropriate conversations that can get a lot more intimate over a cell phone because the person they are sending the message to can’t actually see them.  They call it “sexting”.  Basically, they can have phone sex by sending pictures of themselves and carrying on a conversation with the receiving cell phone holder.  What they don’t realize again is that those pictures are out there once they send them.  If they end the relationship badly, the other teen can share those pictures she meant to be only for him with anyone and everyone.  This is a new trend and a very dangerous one indeed.  Another danger you need to protect your teen from.


Talk to your teen about sexual protection.  Whether it be condoms, birth control or vaccines or all three, there are many ways they can protect themselves.  Discuss all of the options with them and make sure that, just because they are on birth control, they are not protected from sexually transmitted diseases.  If they can’t afford protection or are embarrassed to buy it themselves, buy it for them.  Don’t let them make a mistake that could be following them for the rest of their lives.  Make them understand that some diseases don’t show up on men and some don’t show up on tests for long periods of time. 

Be sure to talk to your teen about sex. If you absolutely can’t do it then take them to their doctor or go online and find a clinic or some other facility that can help them. Make sure they are comfortable with whichever route you take. Remember, you might just be saving their life. Today kids are at extremely high risk and the only tool you can give them is education and someone to talk to about the risks. You might not be able to stop them from having sex but you can protect them by teaching them how to protect themselves.