Teen Issues

Having lived this experience, I can shed a little light on this topic. When people use the word “girlfriend”, in most instances they are referring to a girl who you consider special and possibly have an intimate relationship with. Not having a female companion in this category can have both positive and negative effects. Both aspects of not having a girlfriend are discussed below.

I’ll discuss the positive aspects of a life without a “girlfriend” first. The first positive aspect of not having a girlfriend in your life is of course the cost factor. Obviously you would have less expense because you won’t have to take up the cost of dinners etc. In addition, you won’t have to buy special gifts for birthday and Valentines. The second positive aspect is that you are literally free in that you can go anywhere you like (with the exception of parental intervention) without someone having a different view about it. In some instances a girlfriend may be angered if you go certain places. It would be even worse if you’re hanging out with another girl! Being free is also referred to as having “no ties”. This can prove extremely rewarding if you’re the type of person that likes to flirt a lot. Personally I like to meet a lot of new people (most of them turn out to be female) and chat a lot, if I had a girlfriend, I’m sure she’d be pissed by now.

The main negative aspect of life without a girlfriend would be the loneliness aspect. It tends to get lonely at times especially if you’re above 21. Sometimes you would long to have someone special around your age that you can confide and discuss anything with. It usually gives a good sense of feeling knowing that you have someone you can call for a hug when you’re feeling down or depressed. Also it is usually good when you have a close female companion to hang out with at the movies, clubs etc. This would be most applicable if you are an only child to your parents (i.e. don’t have any brothers or sisters).

Depending on the type of person you are, the positive aspects may outweigh the negative aspects. So it depends on your choice and has quite a bit to do with age. For example a teenage boy might see not having a girlfriend as a positive thing because they have the opportunity to flirt with any girl they please. In some cases they would be viewed by their friends as a “macho” person, which is considered good. But if you are a person who is above 21 and not really out for much flirting, you may view not having a girlfriend a negative way. Nevertheless be wise in your decision to live with or without a girlfriend.