Teen Issues

My daughter is now 15 years old. She’s finally made it to the actual Teen Times….. She and I have had numerous conversations about boyfriends and boy-friends. It’s a tuff and cruel world for teens these days. It’s not an easy way or road to travel and I have to say I do not envy her at all nor would I want to have to relive my teen years for anything!. Just getting to be 12 and a pre-teen is hard enough- waiting all those years to finally get so close and then next year you’re 13! a teenager – now it all begins. Popularity to pimples man what a choice! and so often you have no choice at all they go hand in hand. You are finding yourself now if not before looking at the boys in a different way and being a little more shy and aware of your own appearance. You want to look great and cute and grown up all at the same time. The boy’s are lookin’ you can count on that. So now what do you do? It seems that so many of your gal pals are “school dating” meaning hangin’ out during school time and getting ready to get all excited about if you’re going to asked to the school dance …. whew… worry and nerves…. BUT what if you aren’t any of these? what if you really aren’t that interested in going to a dance or being popular or if you have a cute outfit on or not? There are so many young girls that really aren’t ready yet to join that world of confusion and I take my hat off to them all. You have so many years ahead of you yet to get into all the drama and such why worry about it now? you’re only 13? 14? and even at 15 where is it written that you “have ” to have a boyfriend? Ha! You DON’T… Enjoy “you” and what you like. Instead of exploring boy’s explore yourselves. You have talents and hobbies and interests that you need to look at indulge in. Be happy and yourself. My gosh I know several girls and boy’s at 15 that have drama melt downs over “he didn’t this” or “he didn’t that” Jealousy! OMG! you kids have no idea of what fun is. Fun is life at this age as it should be. Family Friends, School, Hobbies, Music , Movies, Makeup Exploration in it’s mildest form and hanging out doing things together as a group of friends guys gals mixed together or just with your gal pals. Stop worrying about your shape too fat too thin…. blah blah blah you’re only a young teen! Enjoy your time now. It “Will” fly by so fast that when you find yourself looking back in time you’ll wonder where did the time go and I should’ve this or that… Boy’s aren’t worth the effort or time right now believe me they are too busy growing up themselves and you don’t need it. It’s going to be so much different in High School than from Jr. High and you might find yourself starting all over again from the beginning…Boy’s are a lot different then too and even then you really don’t have to have a boyfriend, but you’ll be more focused and prepared and ready then rather than now. I promise you it’s not important now to have a boyfriend it will mean more to you with a better understanding that comes from enjoying your free youth now and a maturity that will come over you without you even realizing it. You will not be “weird” or “uncool” with no boyfriend. Be sure that the boy’s WILL find you and you will have more fun later in choosing the right guy at the right time when you’re older and wiser.