Teen Issues

After I lost my father I didn’t care anything about school, I stopped listening to my teachers and wasn’t doing homework or just paying attention in school. After I realized that all my father wanted was for one of his children to graduate from high school and or college, I had to be the one to make his wish come true, because none of my other siblings seemed to care about what he wanted. Furthermore when I lost my father, it seemed as if I had lost my mother, so once I did start back paying attention in school and doing what I was suppose to do as far as my education, my mom seldom asked me about school or if I needed help with homework. The times that I did ask her for help she would say, “her I come, I will be there to help you in a minute,” but she never came. Many times I had difficult homework and asked her for help, it seemed that she didn’t care if I failed it or not, so I began staying after school and getting help from other people, I was determined to have good grades. Getting help increased my grades and made me feel better about myself; I went from getting fails in math to receiving B’s the majority of the time, and math was my main problem because it was my worst subject, so I didn’t give it any time as far as doing the things I needed to do to have a good grade.

The times that I received good grades I was so happy to share the news with my mother, but she didn’t care, so I began writhing in a diary and leaving the diary around the house so she could pick it up one day and began reading it. Did it work? For months it didn’t work but one day I just closed myself in my room and cried myself to sleep, which I did for a whole week. She never knew why I locked myself in my room but what she did notice was that I had stopped eating and also stop speaking to her. I went to school everyday, did homework in my room, and ate in my room, basically kept to myself. One day, my little sister went to look for me in my room and I accidentally left the door unlock, so she came into my room while I was sleep and saw my diary open. She read various diary entries and came to tears herself, so she went to my mother and told her that she needed to read it as soon as possible. That day, my mom read my diary and came in my room to speak with me about it later that night. I had no idea who had taken my diary until my mom came in and told me that my sister brought it to her. When she asked me why I wrote those things in my diary, I replied, “I don’t think you care about me, you never pay attention to me, I get good grades and you never acknowledge it, nor do you go to my open houses or parent conferences to find out how I am doing in school.” She sat there and didn’t know what to say so I continued to open up; I spoke my heart to my mom that night and told her everything that I had been holding in for months.