Teen Issues

The rise of STDs in American teens. Teenagers are creatures with raging hormones.
Most teenage boys probably spend too much mental energy indulging in sexual fantasies.
I highly doubt there are teenage boys fantasizing about Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
The only thing rising for teenage boys is what is neatly tucked away in their jeans.
Once again I see women or teenage girls as the primary target audience for education of STDs.

Lets face it teenagers are generally immature. Boys develop quickly physically but mentally their brains are way behind that of their female counterparts. I would highly recommend education on STDs to be included in the high school curriculum. As a young teenage girl growing up in New York State I remember we were required to take a sexual education course. I clearly remember the girls and boys were separated. The girls learned about their menstrual cycles. I still have a clear image in my mind of the black and white drawing of fallopian tubes with the ovaries and the uterus and the egg floating through this maze on it’s way down and out of the female body to create the monthly menstrual release of blood. I was truly fascinated as this was my first mental image of the entire process. I never really heard what the boys learned. They seemed too embarrassed to share the details.

We have become such a modern and liberal society. Yet I still believe it would be wise to separate the male and female teenagers in order to educate them sexually. If there were only girls learning from a female teacher there would be more trust and less joking around. Same goes for the boys. I believe in visual aides. Perhaps a movie on the subject of STD’s. I know that Planned Parenthood has always been one of the pioneers on educating teenagers sexually.

The schools should hire teachers especially educated in this delicate subject. There should be a class followed by questions and answers and there should be some sort of phone number that teens can call for a private consultation. During the class they should learn about safe sex and the use of condoms. Condoms should also initially be given out free of charge. I have heard in New York inner city schools the subject of condoms and teenage sexuality is out in the open. The problem may be growing in places in mid America where the parents are preaching abstinence and their teenagers are having sex any way behind their backs. It is extremely important to be open with teenagers giving them the opportunity to express their feelings. Listening to them with an open heart. The parents should abstain from harsh judgment.

Teenagers who have no one to confide in may even suffer from an STD for a long period of time before they ask for help. They are afraid and embarrassed to come forward. Now there is a vaccine available for teenage girls to help prevent the spread of STDs. I do not believe this will cure the problem. It is simply a band aide to put on the surface. It is not reaching the deep roots. The only real solution is opening up our hearts and souls and putting the subject on the table for true uninhibited discussions. Only then will true change come about. Even the boys will listen if they are treated with respect in a serious environment.