Teen Issues

When I was still in school, I behaved well and was nice to everyone to avoid being bullied. However, being a chubby and quiet student, my master plan only worked for a couple of years. Entering into primary four, I thought that things would continue to go well just as long as I kept behaving well and treating everyone nicely. Little did I know that I was going to be so wrong.

As a primary four student, I had a school bus to send me home everyday after school. A number of other students also took the same bus home, and I will refer to these people as my “school bus mates”. I was nice to them just like I was to everyone, however my chubbiness proved disadvantageous. One of these school bus mates was particularly obsessed with fat and chubby people, and he loved to pinch my cheeks, chin and arms while waiting for the bus to arrive everyday. The thing is, I don’t even know him that well and he’s doing this to me.

For the first few times, I just played along, thinking that maybe he found my chubbiness amusing. I reckoned he would stop after his amusement wore off. Unfortunately, he continued on day after day, and if I’m not mistaken by the fifth day I could stand him no longer. I shouted at him to stop and gave him a tight slap. He staggered backwards, obviously stunned, and shouted for help. The other school bus mates came sprinting to the scene and asked what the matter was. Before I could speak, that wretched boy told the others that I had hit him. They believed him and ganged up to beat me up without even waiting for me to explain why I had hit him.

I ended up with a swollen cheek, a bruised arm and a bleeding knee. On my way home on the bus, everyone was looking at me with disgust, even the bus driver. I didn’t know why. Imagine how relieved I felt upon reaching home. As mum and dad were not yet home from work, I attended to the wounds myself; I put on an ice pack on my swollen cheeks, washed my bleeding knee and applied some antiseptic cream before finally putting on a piece of plaster on the wound.

When my parents arrived home from work, they were horrified to find me injured. However, the first words they uttered were “You must have had a fall or had a knock somewhere, haven’t you?”. My parents never bothered about bullies in their entire lives, so I couldn’t blame them for saying that. I told them exactly what happened, and thereafter they brought me to the clinic for a checkup to ensure I had no internal injuries.

The next day, my dad took half-a-day’s leave to accompany me to school to make a report regarding the incident to my principal. The “wretched” boy was duly punished and I think he learned his lesson after that. The other school bus mates who were involved in beating me up also got a round of caning for their “reckless” actions. They personally apologized to me after they got their punishments and being the type of person that likes to be nice to others, I forgave them.

The “wretched” boy has overcome his obsession for fat and chubby people, and in fact, he has become one of my close friends. We still keep in touch very often. As for my parents, they too would listen intently whenever I tell them about bully cases in school, a far cry from their oblivious attitude on the issue in the past. I guess this bully incident was a blessing in disguise!