Teen Issues

There’s a lot to worry about:

Terrorism, AID’s, un-planned pregnancy, problems at home, the future, money or more accurately the lack of money, the things people say about you to your face and behind your back, your grades, your auditions and try-out’s, your college entrance exams, dying and by that I mean wondering exactly how and when you’re going to die and hoping that it won’t be painful and that it’ll be a long time from today and hopefully you’ll be old and won’t notice life slipping away because you’re already in a coma… It’s a long list.

I was a teen-age mom and I worried all the time about things like paying the rent and other bills, buying food, diapers and clothes… I worried about my relationship with my babies daddy until we got married – then we got divorced and ended up fighting for years to come (but that’s another story…)

As a teen-ager, the surface, things seem fine. To be a young, free, healthy teen with no real worries (more or less), should be a fabulous time of life. But here are worrying things that teens have to deal with. Some of the issues include:

Boy/Girl problems – Worrying throughout the entire dating/mating cycle, which goes something like this: Will he/she like me? – Worrying about getting a date – Worrying about staying together – Then worrying about breaking up and who gets the blame for it – Worrying about trying to get back together – Then worrying when you find someone else that you like better – And of course, worrying about telling your partner that you’ve found someone new….

Family issues * Worrying about your parents who are constantly fighting and/or divorced -Worrying about your Mom and/or Dad dating people that you don’t like – Really worried that the Blended Family and Step Family thing is not working out – Worried and uncomfortable with all the family arguments and rage.

Body image problems * Worried about – I’m too fat/skinny/tall/short (any combination)

Minor health problems *Worried about other peoples opinion or comments on your Acne, Braces, Lack of Braces, Hair too short, Too much body hair

Friendship issues *Worried about the following: I want to be your friend – Do you want to be mine?…, I’m not your friend anymore and I hate you…(he said/she said…. Girls are particularly vicious in this area)

And so much more drama!

Sometimes there are much more serious issues which include;

– Depression
– Phobias
– Eating disorders
– Self harm
– Identity issues

Whether your worries are real or imagined, small or large, the fact is your worries are important to you. It helps to have someone to talk to… someone that won’t judge you no matter what and I hope everyone reading this article finds that special someone to listen, really really listen.