Teen Issues

Teens have so many new challenges put in front of them everyday, it sometimes seems like they have the most to worry about out of anyone. The load of stress compared to the level of coping skill is usually very unbalanced. But when concentrating on what worries a teen the most, the answer is as common as can be, life! Like anyone of any age, life is always the biggest worry.

As teens, we exist in a perpetual state of half-adult/half-child. We are constantly learning, practicing, and planning for our future as adults. We are living as children, treated as kids, and are repeatedly fed fables of forwarnings.

We are raised on fairy tales and made up magical people. Then we are told this is all lies and dictated tales of even more horror and mystery than the ones of monsters. We are kept in a bubble, not able to participate or deal with the adult world, but always on the precipice looking down into the danger. Yes, this alone can cause any teen serious stress.

As if that’s not enough, just walking around the world everyday worries me. What I look like, what I sound like, what I smell like, how I act, how I think, how I react, it all causes stress. Just existing in my body and feeling insecure about who I am worries me all the time.

Then take school, will I succeed, will I fail? Will this particular grade really determine the rest of my life? Will I get into college, can I handle college? Do my peers like me, or am I truly different? Do my teachers like me, or am I really hopeless? This causes major worry all the time.

Friends can also be an entire subject to themselves. Do my friends really like me, or are they using me? Will they be there when I need them, or will they simply make fun of me? What do I do if a good friend turns on me? What if a good friend actually needs me?

Romantic relationships are nothing but worry. Am I attractive to any of the opposite sex, or will I spend my life alone? If I’m not popular now, does it mean I never will be? If I don’t have sex with someone, will they hate me? If I do have sex with someone will I get an STD or become pregnant? Will people look down on me either way?

Now it’s the families turn. Am I living up to my parents expectations, or am I a disappointment to them? Is my family going to support me in a time of need, or just needlessly embarrass me? Is my family as different as I think, or am I just another piece of straw in a haystack?

Money worries most people, even teens. Can my family afford to support me? What will I do if I lose their support? Can I make money on my own, will I be able to make money and support myself in the future?

What worries me most? Like most human beings I’ve met, I’m scared of what I don’t know just as much as I’m scared of what I do know. I’m scared of the past and of the future. So, it’s simply life. Life and living it. Life worries, scares, and intimidates me everyday in every way. Without a doubt, it’s life that worries me the most.