Teen Issues

I never feel understood, what ever I do they look at me as if I’m the stupidest person in the world, they don’t seem to understand that I’m a person who has a brain and can actually do what she wants, not just listen to her parents all the time. I become sick and tired of all the things they tell me to do, they just don’t get the fact that I’m a person with feelings and goals in this life, not just someone’s puppy they can boss around and hold as a prize to show everybody. I wish that was were somebody else every day, but I know I’m the only one who can make it happen, and so I try, but I can never seem to get it right, but I try.

My parents are so over protective or so it seems, but at times I wonder if thats’ their cover up, they say they love me and everything, but what if they don’t. What if they are underestimating me?
They probably are, because ever since I can remember I was never good enough they always chose everybody over me, I was the one that was told what to do, the one that never to to express her mind. but maybe I ever got the chance maybe they thought I wasn’t strong enough, maybe they thought I was their little puppy and they could do whatever they wanted.

Now I see I was underestimated in all my life I haven’t felt so bad to know hat my parents actually deprived me of the best thing a child could have is moral support and hope that actually your kid isn’t stupid but he or she can actually achieve something themselves, they are people who have something for the world they have a gift for the future. But no I only got that I couldn’t do anything and it was up to my siblings to provide for the future and create something great, something wonderful so our family name would mean something, it would be ‘restored’ as my parents called it.

It hurts when I get past the fact that my parents actually couldn’t love their kids equally, I suppose no parents can, it’s just how life works? But still couldn’t they had least tried, not pretended to have some kind of hope in me, some kind of wish for me, something that would make me want to live for them, something that would keep me going forward. But I guess not.
I just hope that I will not be that way to my children, I will understand them, and give them the most important thing they need after love, support and trust. Something with what you let your kids know that you believe in them you have a good expectation in them, something that your kids see as love.