Teen Issues

I would change the curriculum to be less stressful, and more about learning your interests, and allowing for students to become well rounded. Now, stress is an everyday part of life of course. And we all have stress in our lives, but I feel that when we are in high school, we are reduced to numbers and letters.

It almost seems ridiculous. Isn’t school about learning?

Now, I do believe that there are things that students must know before being handed over a high school diploma. Like for example, reading, writing and Arithmetic, you know, stuff. And I also think that too many students are graduating without knowing basic things that should come naturally. Rather try and stuff everything in a few years, how about making sure students really know it before letting them move. I see holes, where students never learned to be able to do multiplication in less than three seconds. Or a student not remember how to divide fractions.

Students should need to be able to complete a full test of all forms for a section before being allowed to move on. But not for a grade, if a student seems to not know how to find the slope of two points, give the student another chance to relearn the material, and take another test. No student should get to move on if she or he does not understand the material. I think that students wanting to move on will be enough to make them study well, and learn it the first time. Now, of course, every student learns differently, so all ways should be tried, to teach the student. And when the student understands the material, then the student can move on.

Now of course, that possess its challenges, we do not have enough time in school to slow down, and really teach students what needs to be taught. So I would side with Barack Obama on one thing, have students are in school longer. At home, students could have a whole host of situations. Verses at school, teachers can make sure students are actually working, and can answer questions if need be. By having students work and review material in class more, whether they are doing it, is more guarantied. Then students, when they go home, they can spend more time persuading other interest, whether that be volunteering, surfing, or voicing their opinion on helium.

With the actual curriculum, I feel that for the most part, it is well designed. All students are made sure to take a wide range, and can be adjusted if a student is interested in a particular subject. And as long as the classes are well taught by good teachers, I have no complaints. However, I think there could be some adjustments. For example, extracurricular should not be graded. Students should be allowed to learn, without the stress of grades. And although students should get to try all areas, students should only have to do each area for a minimum of one semester. If a student hates it, then it is ridiculous to try and make them go through it. Instead, make sure each student is s doing something.