Teen Issues

Talking to your children about the dangers of having unprotected sex is probably one of the top three most important lessons to pass along to your offspring. The key of course is to start when your children are young and reinforcing that fact throughout their school-age years. Like most things in life you have to arm them with the facts so that they may make responsible decisions in the future.

My wife started talking to my daughter when she was only six. I was against it at first. I thought my daughter was way too young for such a mature subject. Yet due to the prevalence of STD’s and the significant harm they can cause, especially Hepatitis and Aids, my wife slowly convinced me it was the right thing to do. I struggled at first. My single mother never had a “Birds and the Bees” talk with me. Looking back on it I wished she had. I would have avoided a lot of popular misconceptions I developed through my adolescent years.

My wife approached the subject matter quite properly. She gave my daughter the basic age appropriate facts. While this subject may seem like a bit much for such a young child to comprehend you may be amazed at how versatile and bright children really are. They may not see the world as adults see it but despite their innocence and lack of experience they are more adaptable than we often give them credit for. My daughter’s perception on the subject from that day forward has been well rounded and responsible.

One of the ills of society that I have trouble comprehending is the reluctance to talk to our children about the dangers of sexual activity. I believe it is just as important as teaching them not to lie, steal, cheat, set things on fire, or play with handguns. Of course one has to approach the subject carefully. There were a few times, if her mother wasn’t around, where she’d have a question and inadvertently she’d cause me to be red face and not sure what to say yet I muddled through it as best I could. You see I had to put aside the notion that the word “sex” is a bad word, its how over 99% of us are brought into this world so I wouldn’t whole heartily call it bad. It has its purpose yet the majority of us focus on its negativities.

Of course we don’t want our children to have sex during their adolescent years. We can preach abstinence until we are blue in the face but what good does that do us if our offspring are not aware of the simple facts and then make a heat of the moment mistake? Sexually transmitted diseases are spread through the irresponsible act of having unprotected sex. No matter how you may feel about this subject please keep in mind that eventually they will be adults and the more they know the better than can make responsible choices.

Our daughter is a high school senior now. She has boyfriends but feels sex is something that can wait until later in life. She is very mature about this subject, knows the dangers, and the consequences that such actions can cause. She’s even stepped in a few times and helped her friends avoid making a terrible mistake. As parents my wife and I know we are far from perfect but when it comes to protecting our daughter we take it very seriously.

Please, talk to your kids, as early as possible, and don’t let them make ill informed decisions. Arm them with the facts so they cam make responsible choices in life.