Teen Christmas Shopping

Everyone in the world celebrates a holiday were people give to one another in kindness and love. Well kindness and love to sometimes have a price! I have spent hundreds of dollars to pay for presents for family and friend every Christmas and I can’t afford it! Just recently I have decided its time to shop smarter. There are a few different steps to shop successfully for the holidays.

1)  Make an Oath, Promise, Law or whatever you want to call it and set a certain amount of how much you want to spend and on who
-You can go about doing this a few ways- 
a)You can take a piece of paper and write at the top the amount you can afford to spend!

b) Then write down who you want to buy gifts for

c) Write next to their name how much you wish to spend on the person ( You may want to get your mother or father something more nicer then say a 2 times removed cousin)

d) Make sure you stick to what you write down

2) Understand that you don’t have to get a gift for everyone!

Its a nice idea to get everyone something but with most teens it spells out B-R-O-K-E. There are nicer things you could do without spending money. You know mom always says something made by you is always better then bought by you and its true. 

a)  Home made candy or chocolate is always an nice present!

b) Beads, bracelets, necklaces, pouches

c)Home made card

3) Learn the ways to stretch a dollar $$$

a)  The dollar store is amazing! If your looking to find something that isn’t really special but a good gift the Dollar store is the way to go especially for little kids. The kid stuff may easily break but kids love them. I bought my girlfriends little brother 3 things from the dollar store for Christmas. That stuff was the only things he played with the whole day! And trust me, he had some way more cooler & expensive toys. 

b) Yard sale- Not everything at a yard sale is junk or old. You can find some pretty cool gifts and negotiate a reasonable price. Negotiation is your biggest key. If the seller offers you something for lets say 10 dollars tell him you’ll pay 5. If he says he wont go below 7, test him and say 6. Most of the time they will say fine. But if not its only a dollar and you saved 4. 

Number one rule, think with your head before your heart!