Teen Advice

Teenage hood is a stage in life whereby transition takes place from childhood to adult life. Besides, teenage hood is related to adolescence because this is the time when teens want to find more about themselves. It happens to be a difficult part of their life in finding who they are, but if this transition is taken care of by counselors and advisers then teenage hood becomes easier to tackle.

Adolescence is the time of growth spurt in the mind. This means the emotions and intellect develop; they grow away from the small world of the child. There are many questions to be asked; a great deal of wondering about the future. Adolescence usually starts rather later than puberty.

Teenagers undergo the transition from teenage hood to puberty or rather adulthood in different capacities.By this I mean that some teens take the transition with ease while others undergo difficulty in discovering themselves. At this age most of the teens find it challenging to take parental advice since they really want to prove to the world that they too exist and want their presence to be felt. It is during this time that majority of them become deviant and engage in activities which are viewed by society as unwanted.

Many teenagers engage in malpractices such as prostitution, crime and other deviant activities. As a matter of fact the society comes up with ways of teaching the teenagers to relate well with others and that failure to do so may lead to punishment. Therefore in society you will find counselors who will attend to teenagers and counsel them.

There are different ways in which teenagers can show their parents that they really care. For instance being hygienic can be a stepping stone towards building confidence in parents. It also shows some degree of maturity since there are those teenagers who rarely keep clean. They  tend to be too dirty and disgustingly.If one finds out that bathing has become a bit of some problem then I would advise teens to take a small towel then dip it in water and then rub himself/herself gently. Areas  such as the sweat glands should be cleaned regularly for they leave a grime over the body.

Through participating in house chores, parents could believe that you as a teen care about them.It is advisable to take part in general cleaning of the house,the dishes,the bedding and the loo as well.One could also clear the bushes to avoid breeding of disease- spreading insects such as mosquitoes.The elder children can as well assist the younger children with their assignments or homework. Once parents notice this changes they shall be happy and could even reward you.

It is also important that teenagers learn to apologize to mistakes that they commit in a gentle and more polite manner. There are those who shout at their parents whenever they are confronted. It is my advice that once you make a mistake just apologizes to your parents and make a point of correcting yourself. It doesn’t cost you anything to say ‘am sorry’. In fact it shall loosen your parents  anger and make them happier to have you as their child. This shall make them to understand that you really care. Saying sorry is an important aspect of life and can build a relationship to greater heights.

Teenagers  could show their parents that they care by asking for permission to go out on a date or entertainment. It is evident that some teenagers just walk out of their homes without informing their parents, which is wrong. Anything could happen out there and it shall be the responsibility of the parents to be answerable about your whereabouts. Asking for permission from your parents before you go out will show them that you really care.

Furthermore  teenagers can show their parents that they care by being respectful and obedient. This is evident in the bible whereby in Ephesians we are told to obey our parents for that is the right thing to do. Teenagers can also make a point of going to church services and lead in prayer sessions. Putting God first in your life will make a huge difference as opposed to staying far from the Lord. God always blesses his children and if you really love Him then be sure to be blessed. So start showing your parents that you really care now!