Teen Advice how to Show your Parents you Care

The twenty first century teenager is generally pictured as being arrogant, rude, lazy, spoilt and displays no respect even for the most important people in his/her life which are the parents. This could be the picture in many homes as people tend to lead more immoral lives today, and teenagers are exposed to a lot more adult influences than they were twenty years ago.

The above information may seem frigtnening and many teenagers may disagree because they have chose to follow a different path. Unfortunately many teenagers will ultimately clash with their parents at times even if they have chosen a different path but they can still show their parents that they care for them.

Here are some tips for teenagers to show their parents that they care:

Teenagers should never feel embarrassed to show their love for the parents. A simple thing like giving a hug to mum and dad every night can show how much you really care for them. Hugging is a great way to show how much one can cares for others.

Parents of teenagers are generally aging and many have responsibilities around the house. Teenagers are young and energetic and should try to help parents with chores round the house. This shows that the teenager cares about the well being of the parents. Just half and hour a day can be utilized by taking out the trash, setting the table for dinner or helping with the cooking.

Teenagers should buy or make little gifts for parents during important events like birthdays and special occasions. This is a great way of showing parents how much you care, and that hard earned pocket money can be used to buy the items. Teenagers can also baby sit their younger siblings during these important events as parents can get a well deserved break and go out to dinner or dancing.

Teenagers should never be afraid to tell parents how much they love them or care about them. Parents will be greatly touched by such gestures and this will deepen the bond between parent and child.

Teenagers can also make little mementos of times spent with parents from birth till present. Pictures can be framed and displayed in ones room or a scrap book can be made to remember precious memories.

When parents are sick or need extra help teenagers should always be obliging to help and take care of parents. This can show how much a teenager cares about his/her parents .

Parents and teenagers do not always get along and this can lead to problems and conflict in their relationships. Teenagers must always show their respect to parents as they brought these young people into this world. Caring for parents can go a long way in a young person’s life.