Teaching your Toddler the Letters of the Alphabet at Home

While there is pressure and expectations on teachers, parents have the profound responsibility of teaching their kids at home in preparation for school. Teaching your toddler the letters of the alphabet will help them to be familiar with letters, give them encouragement to want to learn to read and be able to perform simple tasks asked of them in preschool. Teaching your toddler the letters of the alphabet can be a simple process that is enjoyable and can make for a great bonding experience.

Alphabet song

The first step in teaching your toddler the letters of the alphabet is familiarizing them with the alphabet. This is important in knowing all the letters in the alphabet and committing them to memory. The alphabet song is an easy way to start off the learning process in a fun way that encourages them to sing along.

Videos and shows

Encouraging your toddler to watch videos and shows that promote letters and learning the alphabet is a great tip for teaching your toddler the alphabet. Shows like “Super Why!” sing a variation of the alphabet song in each episode and highlight letters to form different words. Other shows like “Peppa Pig” and “Sesame Street” also have featured letters and alphabet tools that will further help kids to learn the letters of the alphabet, rather than watching cartoon movies without any educational content.


Alphabet puzzles are great for teaching toddlers shapes and forms of letters, both uppercase and lowercase. The puzzle pieces can be made into a game between you and your toddler to help acclimate them to letters. Making a game out of finding specific letters to fit into coordinating puzzle spots is a great way to teach them letters while having fun.

Bathtime toys

Bathtime is much more than just a utilitarian time devoted to cleaning for toddlers. Bathtime can evoke imagination and bonding time between you and your child. This is a great time to take advantage of in terms of having your child’s full focus and attention. Bathtime toys like Mr. Bubble Bathtime Body Art is a product that allows children to draw on bathroom walls, tub and even themselves. The product comes with a handy mitt that easily cleans up the bathtime mess. This is a product you can use to help your toddler learn to write their name, learn letters and familiarize themselves with the alphabet.

Teaching your toddler the letters of the alphabet at home can take some creativity and extra effort. However, the effects of your effort can show amazing results for when your toddler enters school. This is a preparatory step that can allow your toddler to reach his/her full potential once school comes around. This is also good encourage for future learning and a bonding experience between parent and child.