Teaching Toddlers at Home

One of the fabulous things about teaching a toddler is that it is very easy to create your own curriculum and make useful teaching tools from things that most people have at home.  Because the level at which a toddler learns is so basic, nearly anyone with patience and a desire to teach can be successful!

Teaching Numbers and Counting

One of the earliest mathematical concepts that a person can begin teaching a toddler is how to count and recognize numbers.  When counting, take advantage of the world around you and the interest of your toddler.  Look for opportunities to count all day long.  Counting food (crackers, cereal, small candies, etc) can be a great way to start and super easy.  Kids also love to play counting games where they count how many steps it takes to cross a room, how many windows are in a building, or how many people are sitting at the dinner table.  Recognizing numbers is a bit more challenging, but homemade flashcards are a great way to practice.  These can be made by writing numbers on index cards. 

Teaching Color Recognition

Colors are another basic principal that children in the toddler age group can begin to learn.  A fun way to teach colors is creating a color chart for the wall.  Using different colored paper, print balloons in a colorful bunch, flowers in a colorful garden, or a brightly colored rainbow.  Another great way to teach colors at home is by coloring with crayons, markers, pencils, or paints. 

Teaching ABC’s

The alphabet is a key building block to becoming a strong reader and it is a wonderful idea to encourage early education of it.  A good homemade resource for teaching the letters is a printed or handwritten book that contains each letter and pictures of things that start with that letter.  For example, the letter “A” could have pictures of apples, almonds, ants, and airplanes. 

Teaching Shapes

Shapes are fun to learn and easy to teach!  Use cookie cutters to create and teach shapes with clay, dough, jell-o, or even sandwiches!  Have a shape scavenger hunt and use an ordinary room to find shapes everywhere.  Kids also love to draw shapes and then turn them into new things.  A simple circle may be made into a baseball, a cookie, a face, or even a pizza!  That same circle can be paired with lines to create a sun or a spider.  Have your toddler use their imagination to keep learning fun and simple.

A great website for more creative ideas is located here.