Teaching Safety to your Child

Protecting and nurturing our children is becoming a more difficult task. So many pitfalls, dangers and predators wait to steal the innocence of an unsuspecting child. Teaching your child safety can save their life. Through positive reinforcement and leading by example you can teach your child to recognize a dangerous situation before it is too late. We all want to care for and take responsibility for our children but teaching them to think safely before they act will reduce the burden on parents and build strong confidence in the child.

Create The Rule: Be Safe!
Make this the absolute number one rule in your child’s life. Before they undertake any tasks ask them what the number one rule is. Correct them when they are wrong. This rule will carry forward into the rest of their lives. Every time they cross the street, go onto the internet, are working at a job, meeting new people, travelling, etc this rule will be the first thought that crosses their mind, but only if you place it there. Ask them at every opportune moment until they have it down. Even ask them what the number one rule is at times when everything is safe.

Teach Them: Situational Awareness!
Teaching your children to look at a situation before they enter it will help them overcome any dangers. It is important to hear their thoughts and find out what their ideas of the dangers are. Only after that point should you correct them and point out why it is not safe. This will teach them to think on their own and consider options they hadn’t thought about. This needs to be a very positive experience with lots of room for mistake.

Show Them: Overcoming Hazards!
Take the time to show your child how to overcome the hazards to their safety. After analyzing a situation and showing all the hazards teach your children the proper course of action. Ask them, how would they overcome the dangers? If they are wrong, and it is safe to do so, let them make mistakes. If it is not safe, point out the error of their way and the consequence of their action. Positive reinforcement is really the key.

Following the steps outlined here will help your teach your child to think about safety on their own. It will carry forward in their life teaching them safety comes first, situational awareness, creativity and correct course of action. Safety should be a positive experience with room for mistakes when possible. Teaching your children to protect themselves will take the burden of you and prepare them for life.