Teaching Children Passion and Humanity

By nature, a child’s world is mostly self oriented because they lack the ability to understand the world around them and their part in it. As the young grow and evolve as individuals they begin to learn that their behaviors and actions, good and bad, can impact the world and people around us. Taking action early on to help children understand that they can really make a positive difference in the lives of others is an excellent way to increase a child’s self esteem and sense of purpose. If your looking for interesting and interactive ways to educate the children in your life about humanity and compassion for others, there are plenty of opportunities and outlets near your home to help you get started.

Let Your Child Help Make the Community a Better Place

Teach your children about working for the greater good by getting them involved in neighborhood co-ops and common goal programs. School children of literally every age can reap benefits from learning how to cooperate and interact with a team for a community cause, especially if the program benefits the entire community. Many local communities have programs such as food co-ops, neighborhood gardens, beach cleanups and anti-litter programs that are run by the citizens of the community to create a better environment for all.

Teach Your Child to Reach Out to Those In Need

In today’s society, not all children and families are lucky enough to have the finances and resources they need to survive. Millions of Americans are living in poverty level conditions and rely on government assistance and community programs to help get them back on their feet. If you are looking to teach your child to appreciate their many blessings and help them realize that they can make a direct, positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate, encourage them to participate in outreach programs that benefit those in need. Children can volunteer to help out at places like homeless shelters and food banks. Check with your community and local government to find out about the available outreach programs in your area.

Encourage Your Children to Get Involved In Global Causes

From the UNICEF, there are thousands of excellent, hardworking charities and organizations that are working towards connecting people to each other, resources and above all, hope. Help your children to gain interest in helping to better the global community by showing them how to research different causes. Once they find one that interests them, there are a number of ways to encourage participation. You can suggest that they make a donation, volunteer at nearby events or help them to start a fundraiser of their own. Raising funds and awareness for a cause is a great way for your child to interact with your local community and educate not only themselves but other children and adults about a worthy cause.

Show Your Child to Appreciate Differences

As adults we understand that life is precious and that even though every individual is different, we are all connected on certain levels. We all need the same things to survive and we all share the need for love, friendship and acceptance. Children, especially older school-ages children, are known for being harsh and unaccepting of one another because they have not yet learned how to appreciate the differences in each other. Encourage your child to learn acceptance and compassion for others by allowing them to interact with children and adults with lifestyles and challenges that are different from their own. If this is a concept that you may be interested in sharing with your child, try encouraging them to volunteer with special needs children or to visit and spend time with hospitalized children. Also, encourage them to make friends with children from different racial and socioeconomic situations to help them to realize that although everyone walks their own path, deep down we are all the same and all deserving of kindness and acceptance.

Teaching your children valuable lessons about humanity and compassion can sometimes be a challenge but it is definitely worth your time to instill these values in your children. If your looking to get your child active within your community, contact your city government and outreach programs to find out about ways that your child and family can get involved locally.