Swingset Safety Playset Safety Playground Safety Play Area Safety

Children love to play on the playground, but they don’t always “play it safe”. Teaching children the right way to use the playground equipment is up to us, as parents. Listed below are some suggestions to keep kids from injuring themselves on the playground, for a tear-free play time that is fun for everyone.

Swing or glider safety:

1. Warn children to stand back from moving swings and gliders, that are in motion. Young children don’t think about how a moving object could hit them while they are running, and they misjudge the timing of a moving object as they run by. Kids getting hit by moving swings is one of the most common injuries on the playground. If they want to use the swing and it is still moving, just instruct them to approach a moving swing from the side. Remind them never to run in front of a moving swing or behind it.

2. Don’t allow children to swing objects such as gliders, swings or swinging bars into the air, when it is not in use. Children at play on the playground don’t see a moving swing unless someone is in the seat. A child running by can get hit by the moving swing, even when no one is sitting in it. On the playground, kids like to push their dolls in the swings or just push them into the air and watch it go back and forth. This leaves room for an injury.

3. Ask children not to twist the chains of the swings together, left to right. Small children can easily misjudge how far the twisting will carry down the chain, and they can pinch their fingers. Parents should also be aware of old-style swing chains that are not covered in a plastic coating. Small fingers can get lodged in the chain.

4. Teach children to sit on the swing belts or swing seats with their bottom in the middle of the seat. Kids love to stand up, sit sideways, lay on their stomach and anything else you can imagine in the swing seat! The problem occurs when older kids do these tricks, then the younger ones want to try it too. Be watchful of the young children trying new things on the play set. A four year old will not have the same upper-body strength that a 12 year old has, but they THINK they do!

5. The last warning on the swings, is in relation to getting off of the swing set. Teach children not to jump off of the swings in mid-air. Young children under-estimate just how hard they will land, and if they don’t land on their feet, they are going to slam down on their bottom or hurt their knees. Kids love to jump off of swings in mid air, but injuries can happen easily this way.

Clothing safety:

1. Please make sure that before you take your child to the playground, that they are dressed correctly. Girls should not be in dresses, or have ribbons in their hair. Kids should not have pull stings around their neck, scarves, or baggy clothes. Flip flops are not good on playgrounds, as they can easily trip or get small rocks in their shoes. Dangling strings and ribbons can be harmful if it is around a child’s neck.

2. Wearing tennis shoes is preferred on a playground, but any good running shoe with enclosed toes is a good choice. With open toe shoes, small rocks can get inside their shoe, or they can trip on tree roots and stub their toe. So, don’t forget to check the shoes! It will make playtime more fun if they can run with no worry.


1. We all know that every kid loves the slide. In fact, they want to go down the slide and UP the slide, backwards! When children do this, the only danger is that another child will knock them down when they use the slide. Then, injury happens as the child gets knocked over and falls out. Warn children not to play on the slides this way, so that another child doesn’t hurt them.


1. Remind children to keep their hands on top of the see saw at all times! Fingers can get smashed if they forget to hold on to the bars in front.

Merry Go Round

1. An injury can occur on a merry go round when children let go while it is spinning! If you use one, start spinning slowly, and gradually make it faster. They forget how dizzy it makes them feel, and for some reason, small children forget to hold on. Don’t spin small children too fast, since they will sometimes just let go when they want to get off.

Monkey bars

1. Monkey bars don’t usually cause many injuries, but kids can always find a way. If the child needs help getting on the monkey bars because of height, be aware that they may need help all the way across, too. Don’t walk away! Stay with them the whole way across. With small kids, they can get scared and feel like they are up too high, and them fear jumping down. They will hang on the bar and scream if it scares them, so stay with them until they are done.