Supporting your Wife in Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting but also daunting time for a couple. A lot of changes are going on both physically and emotionally and it is important that a mom to be feels as though she is getting the support she needs from her partner. Sometimes it can be difficult for men to feel as though they are saying the right thing but here are some tips as to how to support your wife throughout pregnancy.

* Emotions.
Due to the surges in hormones your wife is likely to be emotional; some days she may be extra cheerful and others she may feel sad and anxious. These varying emotions are caused by hormones but this does not mean to say that they can be shrugged off as not being relevant or important; yes they may be exaggerated but they are in fact valid. When your wife is having an emotional moment spend some time comforting her and asking her about her concerns or fears. Show that you support her and are there for her instead of teasing her about hormones.

* Physical attraction.
Your wife may not feel as her most beautiful whilst pregnant. She may be unhappy with how her body is changing; perhaps she has developed stretch marks or has put on a lot of weight. Instead of pointing these things out or agreeing that they look drastic, remind her how these changes are happening for a very important reason and that it doesn’t matter what changes are happening. 

* Sex.
A lady’s sex drive changes throughout pregnancy. She may become less inclined to have sex or may become completely opposite and wanting to make love more regularly. It is important to respect how your wife is feeling. Many women do not feel able to have sex because they do not feel attractive or because they feel worried about whether it will harm the baby or make her more uncomfortable and so respect how they feel; if you have to sustain from having sex for several months then it’s a small price to pay in the long run.

* Life style changes.
With a new baby comes a whole new life. Your wife may give up her work, meet new friends, completely lose her identity as she adjusts to becoming a mom. Whilst pregnant your wife will be aware that changes are coming and may become fearful about what they will be and how she will cope. It is important to listen to her and help talk through any anxieties she may have about it.

* Interact with the baby.
Throughout pregnancy the baby will become more interactive- at first you may be able to feel little ripples if you touch your wife’s tummy and then eventually you’ll be able to see movements and kicks. Use this time before the baby is here to interact with your new baby and get to bond in this way. This will help you feel part of what your wife is feeling and will help to make you feel close.

Pregnancy is a daunting time but it is also exciting too. Women can feel as though they are riding a rollercoaster and they may require lots of support from their partners whilst doing so.