Summer Writing for Kids

Because of technology, the art of writing is slowly dying. But, writing can still be fostered at home. Although, handwriting has been lost due to the use of the advances in technology, the thought process and implementation of ideas on paper does not have to be lost. Regardless of whether a person chooses to write or type a letter, they must have the ability to create well written sentences that are going to reflect their thoughts.These people who have grown up in the world of technology are our children and what better way to encourage writing than to implement writing activities during the summer months.

Classmate Pen Pals

Before the school years is over, have your child get the address of close friends whom they can keep in touch with through letters during the summer months. This will give your child the opportunity to learn about the correct way write a letter as well as how to label an envelope.


Your child can be encouraged to take part in learning about our society and our world by keeping up with the news. They can do so through the news on television or the newspaper. Have your child watch the latest on the news or read the latest in the newspaper and write a reflection on what they have learned. 

Book Review

Have books selected for the summer months for you child to read alone or to read together. Have discussions about the books. After completing the book, have you child write a book report about the story. Book reports can have different emphasis on particular literary elements.

Movie Critic

Summer is a great time to relax and watch movies or go to the movies. After watching a movie, have your child write a critique of the movie. This is an opportunity for them to learn about movie genres.

Dear Family

Making mailboxes for each family member will motivate kids to write to one another. These small boxes can be placed outside of everyone’s room or in a designated area in the house. When someone feels the need to write to a family member, they can place the letter in their box.

All these writing activities will surely motivate your child to write and stimulate their thinking process. Changes can be made to fit your child’s needs, but the point is to encourage your child to think and put their thoughts on paper.