Summer Camps Fun Tips to Survive Cheerleading Camp

Cheerleading camps are such fun while allowing teens to bond, learn, make new friends and learn more about their chosen outdoor activity. If this is your very first experience at cheerleading camp, you may be somewhat overwhelmed. Have no fear; you will be so busy enjoying yourself that you won’t have time to be worried about anything at all. Besides, a host of other teens will no doubt be first timers too. On the other hand, this could be the very first time your cheerleading team is at camp together so you will no doubt be friends with other attendees. Read on for tip to survive cheerleading camp.

Do some joint activities with your team prior to leaving for camp:

This does not necessarily mean you need to engage in cheerleading practise and nothing else.  It means socialize and get comfortable with your team mates. Go to the movies, have a pyjama part, a sleep-over, go out to dinner or a day kayaking etc. Getting to know your team mates on a personal and group level will help everyone to strengthen the team’s bond. Cheerleading is team work thus thinking and socializing as a team will work wonders.

Take no more than your true needs:

Your advisor or coach will give you a list of the things you will need to pack for the cheerleading camp. Remember your camera for those special moments with your team mates and new friends. Don’t over pack, you do not need a zillion and one outfits and twenty pairs of shoes and a pile all your electronics, you are not there to become a couch potato.  Nor are you there to show off your latest jeans, thigh high boots or label brand cascade cardigan.

Find some common ground with other campers:

Fighting at cheerleading camp occurs on occasion due to jealousy, rumours, attitude and being self- centred. Avoid fighting at all costs or you could be asked to leave the squad. Not only will this be humiliating, it will kill your chance of ever being selected for a cheerleading team again. Your trouble making reputation will follow you. Find some common ground with others and do all you can to stay focused. Spite, envy and so forth will divide your team and that’s a negative not a positive.

Don’t go over the top with your dress:

If all team members dress in pretty much the same manner, jealousy should be avoided. Don’t go for the overkill to impress, you are at camp for heaven sake. Leave the Pandora bracelets and bling at home, the trendy label brand clothes will be better left there as well. See if all team members will agree to wear matching shoes, skirts, shorts, t-shirts, ribbons, bow, school colours and so forth.

Remember your manners:

Manners play a very important role in learning good social skills. No one wishes to interact with someone who is rude, impolite, fails to use their manners and is obnoxious and pushy. You will gain absolutely no respect acting in this manner. This camp is not all about you, it’s about everyone so wait your turn, be patient, stand in line and be respectful of others at all times. This means to be respectful of their feelings as well.

Listen and pay attention:

Listen and pay attention to camp leaders at all times. Take notes and don’t be afraid to ask questions. One doesn’t learn by keeping silent if they don’t fully comprehend something. Cheerleading camp is there for your enjoyment as well as your cheerleading education. You get out of it what you put in to it. If you make no effort whatsoever to interact and soak up as much knowledge as you can, it is your fault alone.

Participate in everything you possibly can:

Cheerleading camp involves fitness regiments and cheerleading practise, exercises and so forth. Often times they also host competitions and contests. Enter as many as you can and don’t be disheartened if you don’t win, just give it your best shot. Take constructive critique as it is meant to be taken, with appreciation. Don’t take it personally; it is only given in an attempt to help you learn how to better your capabilities. Leave your attitude at home, don’t sulk and be open to helpful suggestions and ideas.

Work on building up your stamina:

Cheerleading camp is a time of demanding training, so you will need to be physically fit when you arrive. By being fit prior to camp, you will lower the chances of injury. Nothing would be more disheartening that to suffer a major injury just prior to cheerleading season. Work on your flexibility, stamina, strength and endurance.  Jogging, swimming, yoga, stretching and running are ideal.

Using your voice:

Screeching your head off is NOT cheering. All this will lead to is a sore throat and possible loss of your voice. You will be doing a lot of cheering at camp. Cheering and yelling are two different things. Work on projecting your voice rather than yelling. Yelling places a great amount of strain on the vocal chords. Projection is the better option, somewhat how singers throw their voice around a large hall yet don’t sound like a banshee wailer. Cheer from you diagram, lower the pitch a little and this will aid in projecting your voice. Screeching is unnatural and annoys the ears after a while, both yours and other.

Have a pleasant persona:

A pleasant persona will increase your chances of being accepted and admired by everyone you meet. You will be respected when you are courteous, helpful, friendly, kind and considerate. If you are having a bad day, distance yourself from others until you get into a better frame of mind. Do not take your failures, disgruntlement out on others. Keep your temper under control and don’t air your dirty linen in public. Bring your spirit of adventure, fun and sense of humour with you and you will be assured of having a wonderful time at the cheerleading camp.