Summer Camp for the Children vs Staying at Home for the Summer

In the case of North America, depending on what school ones children is enrolled at, summer vacation can last from a month and a half until three months. A lot can happen within that time span regardless of it being good, bad, or something else. Depending on how old the children are, you have decide on how to keep them occupied for the most part. Do you want to keep them at home or send them off to a summer camp? Neither solution is better than the other and neither solution is worse than the other. At the end, it rounds down to your preferences, what you are comfortable with, and your current situation.

On the down side, summer camps are usually costly. Even if you are financially well off, you may want to cringe at the pricing of the summer camp. There are some which charge at least $500 to $700 a week. To most, the weekly cost of summer camp can be a burden. Summer camps that revolve around a certain theme can become costlier.

On the other down side, you will not know what really goes on at the summer camp. Summer camps are by no means immune from scandal. Asides from the letters and phone calls home, you probably will not know everything that happens at the summer camp.

There are many pluses to summer camp. Summer camps are excellent hubs for children to make new friends and pen pals. The types of summer camps are many. You can find a summer camp that caters to the needs, wants, and interests.

If your children are artistically gifted, there are arts camps. If your children are academically gifted, there are academic camps. If your children are talented with computers, there are technology camps. If your children are in JROTC, there is the JROTC summer camp. If your children are athletically gifted, there are sports camps. If your children love adventure, there are adventure camps.

There are camps that do cater to special needs. If your children have disabilities, there are summer camps that do cater to them. If you have children of the LGBT sexual orientation, there are summer camps that cater to them. There are also religious summer camps available to enroll your children in.

When it comes to summer camp, you have many options for your children. But, it is best to plan several months ahead before summer camp starts. That way, there will be space left for your children.

In terms of keeping your children home for the summer, the two things you need to be careful about are inactivity and deviant activity. For the summer, it is not uncommon for children to do nothing but sit on the couch all day watching TV or playing video games. As an adverse result, they gain weight.

If not, they could take part in deviant activity while you and your spouse is at work or out. One such activity would be having a party, unsupervised and unchaperoned, with drugs and alcohol. While you are not around, your children could invite people that should not invite in the first place.

Like summer camp, there are pluses to keeping your children at home for the summer. During your weekends and other days off, you can a family trip to the beach or a theme park for some good family bonding time.

Even if you decide to keep your children at home during the summer, they do not necessarily have to remain home almost 24/7. There are summer programs such as basketball, soccer, hockey, etc. Your children could take part in some summer theatrical production at the local theater.

If your children are old enough, they could go to summer school. You may want to have them take a driver’s education course over the summer. There are also elective credit requirements that can be met during the course of summer school.

Young children can be enrolled at a summer program at any daycare center. Daycare centers do cater to children during the summer season.

If your children are old enough, they could get summer jobs. That way, they will learn the value of hard work. Plus, they get to make their own money.

Each method has its own pros and cons. But the decision is left entirely up to you, the parent.  You can combine both methods if you want.  There are summer camps that have day camp programs.  They are at summer camp during the daytime but return home for nighttime.