Summer activities for kids

Make the most of the sunny weather and get outdoors to enjoy summertime activities with the children. There are many different activities that kids can get involved in during sunny days, from indoor and outdoor activities. Sunny days provide an ideal opportunity to take activities outdoors to make the most of the wonderful weather.

Here are some suggestions for sunny day activities for kids:

Water play

Playing in water is a fun activity for children, and a wonderful way to spend time when it is sunny. Outdoor water play is preferable, as kids can splash about as much as they wish, and the water will dry up in the sun. Paddling pool, water tables or an old baby bath are all sufficient for water play. Provide a selection of toys for imaginary water play. In addition, kitchen items are great for playing in water. Provide cups, colanders, spoons, funnels, whisks and anything that is unbreakable for the kids to explore and have fun with.

Have a picnic

Sunny days are perfect for enjoying picnics outdoors. This provides time to bond and share time as a family. Picnics can take place anywhere from the park, beach or even in the backyard. The wonderful weather and spending time together as a family can make the experience happy and memorable. Enlist the kids to help with preparing for the picnic to get them involved. Pack a picnic box with ice packs, plenty of chilled drinks and some tasty food. A ball is always a good item to take, as playing a few games can enhance the experience. Don’t forget the camera and sunscreen.

Day at the park

For a fun inexpensive day, pack up a picnic and head to the park to enjoy a day outdoors. There’s plenty to do at the park, from exploring nature, relaxing under a tree, playing ball games, and making the most of the park facilities. Each visit can be different to keep it interesting. Ask the kids what to take, and mix it up to keep it fun. Ensure to take plenty of fluids and sunscreen. A parasol for sunshade could be a useful item to take on particularly hot days. Otherwise, spend time relaxing under a tree where it is cooler for a break from the heat.

Arts and crafts

Outdoor art and craft activities can be great fun. There is no worry about mess going everywhere, and being out in the fresh air enjoying art and craft activities is a great way to spend time. There are many different art and craft activities to take advantage of, so this is an activity that can be enjoyed time and time again. As well as structured activities, allow for free play so that the kids can use their imaginations. Taking arts and crafts outdoors can inspire new ideas and creations. Get the craft box out and join in with the fun. Enjoying arts and crafts is a therapeutic and educational, too.

Ensure to dress the kids appropriately for sunny days, and remember to slather them in sunscreen to protect them from the sun’s rays. Hats are essential for keeping kids cool and protected. Keep them hydrated by providing plenty of drinks, and hydrating foods such as fresh fruits. Make the most of the sunny weather, and enjoy watching and taking part in these fun sunny day activities with the kids.