Struggle for Identity Teens

At a constantly changing time in their lives, teens have to struggle to find an identity for themselves. Sometimes, they will take up the ideals of a certain group of people, called a “clique.” And at other times, teens try to find their identity on their own. Even if teens do not find their identity at this time, the experience will teach them a little something about life.

The teen struggle for identity can be influenced by many factors. One of those factors is environmental, and involves the teen’s circle of friends. A teen may have only one circle of friends, which can result in a solid choice of identity, or a teen can have many circles of friends. The second situation usually results in a teen who does not really know what he or she wants to be; should he be a jock, or an easy-going academically-successful kind of guy? Should she decide to wear revealing clothes and be popular with the guys, or should she stick to her schoolwork? These choices are constantly running through the teen’s minds, and can influence who he or she hangs out with.

Similarly, most teens want to be in the popular crowd, which can require an identity change. Those who were normally quiet and are introverts can find themselves in difficult situations when they are finally in the “in” crowd. These difficulties can lead to mental disturbances or problems, even to such insecurity that can lead to depression.

However, the struggle to find one’s identity is not all bad. In fact, it can teach the teen about the workings of life. Life requires one to be able to change constantly, when necessary. However the decision is not up to the universe to make; the teen must realize what decisions or choices he or she must make, and then make them. If he or she wants to change who he/she fundamentally is, then that is his/her decision. If not, then that is also his/her decision. The point is that the person has the make the decision him/herself.

The important part about this struggle for identity is that it can result in a person who is better or stronger. So, if you yourself are going through this kind of struggle, do not worry. You may come out as a better person in the end, and you might have found out who you truly are (and who you truly are not).