Stress Busters

Parents are constantly worried about the well-being of their kids. And we want to know what we can do to help them in certain areas of development. Parents need to understand that there kid’s deal with stress. They have stress with on-going conflicts in school, neighborhood, and at the home. Although how your children deals with stress is how their personality is or how high there maturity level is. Stress can be very hard on your children. It often affects how they feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. As parents we need to watch out for signals that our children are stressed. And we need to know how to help our children deal with stress.

As parents we must set a good example. We ourselves need to be able to cope with stress. Research has shown that if the parents are stressed there are likely chances those there children are going through stress. Parents need to be able to deal with stress, in an adult like form. Parents must avoid fighting, especially around your kids. This is not a pleasant sight for your kids to see. It makes them think and wonder if they have something to do with it, or if their parents are going to get in a divorce. Try not to get angry at your children or criticize them. This will strongly effect there confidence and stress them out.

Parents have a busy schedule as well as children do. It is important that you and your children take time to relax and have “play times.” This will relieve stress from you and your children. Be able to sooth your children after school, and relax them so they can take their mind off of their busy day at school. Make time in your schedule to set aside a certain time dedicated to this. Your kids will love to come home and take a break and get their minds off of their life for a little bit. It will relieve them from their stress.

Parents need to encourage their kids to build friendships. And have time to go out and play with kids, like play dates, sleep overs, and other things to do with friends. If your child does not have time to play with friends, they won’t have very much friends.  And that can result in a lot of stress on your kids. So give time to your kids to play with their friends and enjoy themselves. They will be happy and when they are happy, they will be relieved of stress.

Keep a good positive relationship with your kids. They need to know that they have your support and that you are there to help them out with their stress. When they know that your there for them, they will come to you for help on stress that there dealing with. Do not criticize your children; it will add more stress to their life. And they will think that they are not good enough. This is why you must also shower your child with compliments. It will make them feel special and give them a sense of accomplishment. Healthy relationships with your kids will help them cope with their stress and your stress.  We must be there for our kids, and if we are there for them, they will be able to bust stress. As parents we have to power to help our children become the people that we know they will become.