Sticking with one parenting stylea

Successful parenting starts with two parents deciding what their exact parenting style is. You can’t have two parenting methods in the same household. There has to be one decided upon form of action. Otherwise you will have a confused child, who will probably just give up, and do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

Before you give birth to your children, you, the prospective parents must decide what kind of parenting method will be used. Deciding early on gives birth to a system that will help you raise a happy, well adjusted child. Otherwise, you may have a rebellious teen on your hands, or a child that will not listen to either parent. Two parenting methods doesn’t work in one household.

Two different parenting methods does not work in one household. When you live in one household, both parents must decide on the parenting method. Kids need to have one decided upon style, because otherwise the child may be confused. Two different parenting methods do not work, in one household, because the child becomes confused, upset or angry. One household must have one set of rules, because otherwise one parent will say, “Clean your room every Saturday.” The other parent may have a different approach saying, “I don’t know if you have to clean your room, at all, does it really matter?” This makes it difficult for a child to understand exactly what is going on.

When two parents disagree concerning parenting methods, the child will know this. This makes it difficult for the child to have a firm grasp on what is going on. The child may not be able to tell right from wrong. The method needs to be clear, decisive and swift. Even though this sounds like you are raising a child in a court system, you are right. Kids need definable methods of parenting just like a socialized nation does. People need laws and rules to live by and so do kids. Kids need rules. Rules are enforced at school, and so must be enforced at home, otherwise chaos will reign supreme.

Two different methods might just work, but only if they are used in two different and diverse households. With the divorce rate at nearly fifty percent in America, divorced parents are most likely to not agree on parenting methods. Therefore, the kids will be raised with dissimilar backgrounds in each household. This may be a case for the children experiencing different parenting methods including discipline, and various growth issues. You have many cases where the parents re-marry, thus introducing yet another person with child raising methods into the parenting mix. While this may be confusing to the kids, it may also be good for the kids to have different rules and regulations at one parent’s house, thus raising a more self sufficient child.

When you think about it, it is almost impossible to raise kids successfully with different parenting methods in one household. But, you might be able to swing it in two households.