Stay at Home Moms help their Family

The decision to be a stay-at-home mom is often steeped in controversy. Women who choose this route are often socially shunned by peers and even family, who may insinuate that staying at home is a waste of a woman’s potential. There are even arguments that stay-at-home moms may contribute to psychological defects in their children.

Who is right or wrong? The individual woman who makes the choice to stay at home is right. She, more than any outsider, knows her family and it’s needs. She knows and understands the financial implications and the possible sacrifices of certain luxuries. A mother who chooses to end or delay her career while raising her children has made the correct decision for herself and her household, and she should not be ashamed of her choice. Here are some of the many benefits of stay-at-home moms.

Constant presence and safety

Having a parent at home and available at all times is a source of emotional security for children as well as the parents. There is always someone nearby who can handle any emergency. Many working mothers are at risk of losing their jobs if they have to leave frequently to handle an illness or to answer a call from a child’s school. 

Children who have a parent who stays home may be less inclined to become involved in vandalism or other trouble. Parental supervision also decreases the chance of injuries to children who stay home alone. It can also decrease the chance of children being kidnapped or harassed after school. 

A stay-at-home mom may also be more emotionally available. without the stress of work related issues, she can focus more on her children. A strong parent/child relationship helps children feel more secure in confiding to their parent about important issues.

Financial benefits

Not all working mothers are highly paid professionals. Many times, the cost of childcare and other expenses is equal to or greater than their actual income. This makes it financially beneficial to the family for the mother to stay home. 

By staying home, she saves money for childcare, fuel, lunches, and other personal expenses such as work clothes. If she worked long hours, she may have hired people to do lawn or housework for her. These expenses can be cut if she chooses to stay at home. 

Also, if someone is consistently home, routine home maintenance and minor medical emergencies can be dealt with immediately, rather than being postponed until they require professional help. There is also more time to devote to shopping for bargains and for DIY projects that can save money throughout the year. 

Health benefits

A bad habit for many working moms is that of serving boxed meals or fast food at the end of the day. A stay-at-home mom has more time to plan and prepare healthy meals that keep her family in better shape. She can also see to it that her children take part in healthy after-school activities, rather than only watching television or playing games.

Educational benefits

Women with college degrees are often told they are wasting their education if they choose to stay home with their children. A degree however, has no expiration date. It will still be valid and useful when the stay-at-home mom decides to use it again. Until then, she should not be ashamed, because she has an excellent opportunity to use her education to give her children an academic boost. 

A stay-at-home mom has much more time to spend helping her children with their homework. She can help her pre-school age children develop important skills. She also has time to plan leisurely events and educational activities that can be fun and interactive. Unlike a working mom that may have to cancel a promised trip to a museum or zoo, the stay-at-home mom is more likely to be able to keep her promise, which also earns the trust and respect of her children. 

A stay-at-home mom has a career

Despite negative social opinion, a mother who stays at home has a full time job and many important responsibilities. She keeps her family healthy and clean, keeps her home maintained, and keeps her finances in order. She provides emotional support, physical care, and mental development for her children during the impressionable years of their life. She, and not a stranger, is there to witness all of the milestones and share the joy with her children. She is a hero to her family, and should take pride in her choices and her accomplishments.