Stay at Home Mome

Many little girls love to play with baby dolls.  They like to dress them up, feed them, burp them and essentially be their “mommy.”  They sit and plan what their lives will be like when they are older. Though they do not yet realize it, they are practicing for later life.

Fast forward 25 years.  These little girls have become women and stay at home mothers.They feel like their current lives are what they were rehearsing for all those years ago. Being a stay at home mom to their kids is both the best job in the world and the hardest job in the world.  So why stay at home? 

The benefits of being a stay at home mother far outweigh the trials and tribulations that they will  go through on a daily basis.  Stay at home mothers get to experience things that if they were working, they might never get to see.  

Most stay at home mothers have seen  their children’s first steps.  They have heard their first words.   They are there to care for them when they are sick and there to pick then up when they fall down.  A stay at home mom gets to see her children learn and grow physically, emotionally, and sometimes even spiritually.   There are the joys of being the kindergarten class mom, a daisy girl scout leader, soccer volunteer as well as playgroup coordinator, taxi service and boo boo kisser.

There can also be a financial benefit to being a stay at home mom.  The current cost of day care can  range anywhere from $200 to over $1000 dollars a month.  A woman may save more by staying home than if she were working and paying for day care.  Many parents also find that if they choose to work and put their child in day care, they are often staying home with the child that has again gotten sick from all the illnesses going around their child care center.

Another benefit to staying at home with your children is that you do not have to worry about taking off time from work if your child is sick, or has a school play or a trip that you would like to chaperone.  You can also take vacations based on their school schedule instead of when a company says that you can.

Being a stay at home mom enables you to join many clubs such as the MOMS club of your local town.  This international group offers many activities such as playgroups, field trips, park playdates and much more.  You can also get together with other moms and form a school group that begins your childs’ education.

Being a stay at home mom is very rewarding in a great deal of ways.  It may not pay you in dollars and cents but the rewards that you will receive in hugs and kisses will far outweigh any salaried job.