Staph Infection

The staph infection is also know as a staphylococcal infection. It is a very common problem and it can appear on every spot of the body without problems. It is caused by a bacteria that can lie dormant on various surfaces of the body. This bacteria can sit in clothes, bed linens and towels. It is very common in baths or in gyms as it usually appears where the environment is hot and wet.

There are a lot of types of infections that are based on contamination. They can appear in the hair follicles and it can erupt in a boil. This can happen on the hair from the bum, face, inner thighs and armpits. It is most uncomfortable especially for staph infection in nose.

On the eyelid, the staph infection is called a stye. It is a tight spot that is sore and it can become very red and hard when touched. The best treatment is a light antibiotic cream, a gentle dry and a warm bath. In about 3 days it disappears.

The infection can occur in a lot of places around the body. In some cases the mother that is nursing developed Mastitis. This reflects in nipples cracking when the woman is breastfeeding. In some cases women that use tampons get an infection named the Toxic Shock Syndrome which is most dangerous and described a bit more below.

Usually the best way in which to prevent this staph infection is by keeping yourself very clean. Wash your hands very often and bathe yourself also often. Use antibiotic creams and lotions if you have wounds or cuts. If you have the infection make sure not to spread it to the others. If you fear that you have this problem, talk to the family and make sure they know that they do not have to use the same towels, linens like you. Keep yourself clean at all times and you will prevent this from happening.

How the bacteria enters the system:

Through Your Skin

The bacteria can be found on the skin and access inside can be had if the skin is fragile or weak for some reason. One such cause can be shaving, especially if it irritates the skin, increasing the chance of having a staph infection.

Food Poisoning:

If the food isn’t kept or handled the way it should be, it can have the S.Aureus bacteria inside, which leaves toxins in your food, which isn’t visible, so the food doesn’t appear to be spoiled. The bacteria will be found either in food that isn’t cold or hot enough. The foods that have an increased chance of getting this type of bacteria are tuna, chicken, eggs, meats, cream pies or mayonnaise salads.

Through Tampons:

When the staph infection shows up because of tampons, this usually results in TSS (toxic shock syndrome). The cause of the TSS is the use of tampons that are super absorbent, which when moist can become a place where staph bacteria breed. Another possible effect is vaginal irritation and in such a situation the bacteria might enter the bloodstream. The TSS can be fatal in many cases, but there are other possible causes for it as well.