Stability for Children

Stability is something that people must have in order to function well in this demanding world. Stability, at its most fundamental level, is a sense that your basic needs for shelter, food and safety are being met. For children, stability is largely built and maintained in the home. A secure home environment plays a significant role in your children’s emotional development as well.

As a parent, you should do everything in your power to create this kind of home environment. After all, children are completely reliant on their parents to have their fundamental needs met and from the moment they are born.

Some of these needs include nutritious meals, safety, comfort, love, nurturing, attention and mental stimulation. It is the very early months of a child’s life in which his personality is shaped. It is essential for these months to be stable for a young child.

Children also need to have parents who are dependable and who are responsible. Children get stability from schedules being set for them and from living in conditions that are clean and calm. As a parent, your choices in type of music played and volume, for example, can influence your child’s stability while he sleeps.

Key to stability for a child, too, is how the adults in his life treat one another. A child who grows up in a place full of conflict can sense that things are wrong and will not feel stable.

Again, adults need to constantly make choices that will create a safe haven for their young child. Otherwise, critical problems will start forming for the child.

Countless documentaries have highlighted the rage and out-of-control behavior exhibited in many overseas orphans who have been adopted into well-meaning homes. No matter what the loving adoptive parents do to help these children, they often find themselves in helpless situations. This occurs with children who have been mistreated as babies in certain orphanages. Their lack of stability from the start has gravely impacted their ability to later receive or give love, or to cope in a healthy way.

The need for stability continues as a child grows older and continues down his path of development. As a child goes out into the world of school and starts to encounter some unfair things or various challenges, it is key for that child to be able to return to a stable home at the end of the day.

Life is tough enough with a stable home environment. Those without that face a much larger uphill battle, one that is often filled with bad choices and much trouble and sadness.

It is up to adults to give their children as much love and stability as they can so that their children will always have that as a foundation. While you cannot chose your parents, you can, as a parent, choose what you do to contribute to your child’s well being.

Life is precious, and a key component to inner peace is a sense of stability. Give your children that gift, and do not forget to teach them strong values, as they are the fabric woven throughout any foundation of stability.