Spying on your Child – No

It all depends on what is meant by spying on your children and also what age they are when you spy on them.  Certainly with younger children, parents would be expected to spy on them or to be more correct, to take care of them by watching over them.

If spying refers to older children, perhaps in their teenage years, it is reasonable to want to know what your teenagers are doing and as to their whereabouts and the only way to do this is to spy on them or to keep a close eye on them.

It is important to spy on your child to ensure their safety as there are too many risks and temptations in modern society that a child can be drawn into. Peer pressure is a real reason why your child might try taking illegal substances and perhaps do the wrong moral thing. It is far better to spy on your child than run the risk of your child mixing with others that might draw them into undesirable or even criminal activities.

Spying is like supervision and we are all supervised to a certain degree. At school, children are supervised and watched over by their teacher to ensure they are safe and also to ensure that children do not get up to mischief. Surely then, a parent should be expected to be able to supervise or spy on their child in the same sort of way.

Parenting is ultimately about protecting your child and acting in their best interests. Even if you have the best relationship with your child, they still might not share and divulge all their secrets to you.

A child’s brain is not fully developed or firing as well as an adults and as such, they might make poor choices. This means that children require greater guidance and support from their parents. When children get into any form of trouble, then their parents are held responsible and made to feel they are bad parents for not knowing where they were and what they were doing.

If you are a parent who wants the best for your child then spy on them and watch who they are talking to, on social networking sites, in phone calls and on text messages. If you find something amiss then as a parent, you should act on that. People who say you should not spy on your children and let them make their own mistakes should realise that mistakes can be costly both in lives and in future careers.