Sperm Banks and Single Parenthoodis it right for the Child

To say that science has made advancements in research is an understatement. These days, sex is not a requirement for there to be conception. This is thanks to sperm banks whose role is to donate sperms to women who would want to conceive through artificial insemination. There are a number of reasons why many women go for this option. Some of these reasons could be because of time that is, when the women want to conceive as soon as possible to beat the fertility clock. Others do it for medical reasons when normal conception fails. Many women also fail to find a partner whom they can have children with therefore go for artificial means.

There is one fact however that women have to live with if they go ahead with this procedure. This is the possibility of being single parents and raising their children alone. They should also be ready to deal with the positives and negatives associated with single parenthood.

With more and more children being brought up by single parents one is left to wonder if this is the best decision to make for the child. There is no doubt that when the child begins to reason, questions are bound to be asked. The most common question will obviously be who the dad is and why he is not with them. It would not be easy explaining to the child how thanks to a sperm bank and science, he or she came into the world.

This is not to say that the idea of using sperm banks is a bad one. In fact, many women are thankful to these institutions since it gives them the freedom of choosing the characteristics they would want from the donor. This is in the hope that the child would inherit some of these attributes. There is also the issue of confidentiality in that no one would come to claim for the child in future avoiding custody battles.

It is not easy being a single parent since one has to play the role of both mother and father. Even though the parent will strive to play both roles; survey has shown that a majority of kids long to have both parents. They feel isolated on days like father’s day and confused on the circumstance of their birth. However the changing times have put others in a position where they adapt to being raised by single parents. Research has shown that most children know about their birth origins and are comfortable with it. However, in their adult ages they hire investigators or they themselves go on a quest to trace their biological fathers. Some sperm banks have embraced the open identity system where information concerning the biological father can be revealed.

The question of whether single parenthood is right for the child can be answered only by the children who were conceived through artificial means. As mentioned before, some kids are comfortable with their origins and do not even bother to look for their donor fathers. Their single parents bring them up in the best way possible therefore do they would not look for attention from the missing parent.

There are those however who are affected negatively when they find out the truth. They would miss the love of a father and go as far as blaming their mothers for every failure due to lack of a masculine guidance.

In conclusion, a child’s response will depend on the type of upbringing he or she gets from the single parent. It will also depend on the open-mindedness of the person. The society view on such a procedure will influence a child. If this idea does not go down well with a majority of the people within the area then the child could be shunned making the latter psychologically disturbed. If a society embraces this idea then the person is treated normally.

It is an undeniable fact that Science has advanced. Women do not have to worry about their fertility clock passing before being called mothers. In case they do not find the right partners to have children with the sperm bank option is now available. They should however be ready to deal with consequences of their decisions whether good or bad.